Conversion Copywriter for Values-Driven Female Entrepreneurs

I write copy that helps you stand out in a saturated market and make sales.

Great copy connects before it converts. 

Connection marketing = heartfelt, strategic, effective sales copy — written from the research of what your customers need.

This is the communication that will:

– build relationships with your audience

– connect to them to strengthen trust

– increase sales in your business.

Communication > connection > conversion. 

That’s the power of a sales copywriter serving up words that connect and convert.

"Our book challenge grossed us $35K."

I’m an author and own a publishing company so I thought… surely, I can write sales copy. I didn’t realize that sale copy is a unique skill and struggled for weeks to get it ‘just right’. I finally decided to hire a professional. Lindsey did an amazing job at writing not only my sales copy but capturing my heart for our authors. She wrote the sales copy for a book challenge that grossed us $35K for the event. She is now part of my elite dream team for launches. If you want an exception copywriter who not only has the skills but can capture your heart behind what you do, hire her immediately!

Sherry Ward, Square Tree Publishing

Sales copy is the bridge you build to connect with your audience — one strategically placed message at a time. 

But not just any old bridge.

I do words in a way that aligns with your values, prioritizes your audience as humans, and shares an honest invitation to what you’re offering — never a slimy sales pitch.

It’s your job to dig into your story and purpose.

It’s my job to get your voice to carry. 

High-performing copy, working ’round the clock.

Hire me as Your Writer

Full launch packages, website copy, and VIP days for entrepreneurs who need their offers to convert.

write your own website

Your Message Is Gold is a done-alongside-you program that equips you to get clear on your messaging and write your site.

"The opt-in page converted at 58%. UNBELIEVABLE."

I’m speechless. The copy you wrote during our one-day copywriting intensive is the best performing copy I’ve ever had! The opt-in page converted at 58%. UNBELIEVABLE. What took you one day to write would have taken me weeks (and it still wouldn’t have been as good). You saved me time, made me money, and made my brand look better than I ever could have on my own. Thank you!

Jen Myers, Founder of Homeschool CEO

Kind words from clients.

Hey, I’m Lindsey Johnson

I help female business owners and CEOs (and their teams) increase conversions by creating relationship-based marketing messages that fuel funnels, build their business, and spread impact.

I’m a triple-threat FG Society Certified Master Marketer so I not only know copy but also have a whole lotta savvy when it comes to offer creation and design. 

On an average day, you’ll find me working from the kitchen as I homeschool our four kiddos… we also love being outdoors together (even jumping in Lake Superior).

My clients are excited for the vision God has given them, ready to execute the plan, and know that they can serve better in their zone of genius (PLUS see better conversions!) by offloading the copywriting to me. 

Is that you, too?


Goodies to uplevel your copy game 

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