Welcome to This Is Legacy: Messaging, Marketing and Motherhood for Women Business Owners. The new name for this podcast…The new name for the facebook community…But the same values and purpose: to grow and cultivate legacy in our businesses and families. A space where messaging, marketing, and motherhood collide into a beautiful picture of God’s grace and provision. A weaving together of business and branding, faith and family, and what matters most to the calling God has placed on YOUR life. My prayer is for God to use this passion in a way that brings him glory, even when that might look different than my initial vision (again, this very podcast. He has a way of moving in ways we never expect). This podcast is here to encourage, motivate and inspire you to seek after the legacy God has for you to live. There’s no cookie cutter version. We’ll all have similarities woven into the tapestry of what we leave behind us, but what God is calling you to is likely different than what He has prepared for my life. While this idea of legacy may look a little different for every woman and her business, we’re here to learn and grow together, through the mistakes and through the victories, through the pivots and shifts, the iterations and impact, through the way we show up, and through the way we build in small outlets of service into the way we do business. It’s been said that legacy is what you make it, but perhaps it’s more than that. Less of ourselves and more of God’s hand in our life. THIS… is legacy, and this podcast seeks to connect women who desire to be in God’s will for their lives AND believe the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a legacy brand. What we need is the support, education and encouragement to make it happen. Please join the friendship and conversation at This Is Legacy. So happy you’re here.

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