Amy Gabriel of Lippy Clip started her brand as a creative side gig while she took a break from her nursing career, but then grew Lippy Clip to a company with currently 13 team members. In this episode, Amy talks about burning out as a nurse, her passion for sewing (and the important role it’s played in her family for generations), growing her business slowly but surely and trusting God each step of the way, and now finding ways to innovate and survive during the covid-19 pandemic we are facing in this season of 2020.

Amy is a wife and mom, and the creator of the LippyClip.  She manages the LippyClip team of thirteen women from her home office in Orlando, Florida, and is passionate about loving her team and customers well.  Amy loves the Lord, her church, her family and summer days at the beach.

You can find Amy at, on instagram, and on facebook.

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