Hi, all! That’s me, a twenty-something girl from northern Wisconsin, raised along the shore of Lake Superior and now raising my young family the same way.

My favorite people in the world are my husband, Matt, and the two little men and one tiny girl who call us mommy and daddy. I juggle the amazing adventure and blessing of being a mom and running a small business, so I get the importance of prioritizing what needs to be done to move that needle forward.

You could say that I’ve always had my head in the entrepreneurial clouds. As a teen, I dabbled in raising chickens and teaching piano lessons to neighborhood children. The handful of jobs I held as a college student were for local small businesses/nonprofits—including a handful of years for a web design company—so my ties to “small” run deep.

Now I’m helping people like you make a go of succeeding small. Verity is a word meaning honesty and integrity, and my hope for this venture is to provide something refreshing and personal in the world of online design and marketing—committed to the success of my dreamers & shakers and being part of your support system, cheering you on the entire way.

Because your ambitions are so amazing.

Because your small business idea deserves to be validated and supported.

Because Verity & Co is me & you.


Let’s get those plans in your head onto paper and turn those visions in your dreams into reality. Here is how we can work together to cultivate & elevate your brand: