If you are about serious about prioritizing the marketing of your business, prioritize brand awareness content.

Why? Brand awareness content is the meat and potatoes content.

It that keeps your brand top of mind, increases audience loyalty, builds know, like, and trust with your fans, and prepares your audience for future offers, sales campaigns, and launches.

Here, we dive into what brand awareness content is, why you need this kind of content in your marketing, and how to make it happen.

Brand Awareness Content

Brand Awareness Content and Why It’s So Important

Customer centricity is the heart of every successful business.

The person you are selling to and serving (AKA your ideal client) is the focal point of everything, from your offer to your delivery and everything in between — your messaging, your marketing, your customer service and more.

The goal of the customer journey is to nurture and convert.

And track when, why, and how the conversion happens.

The Five Stages of the Customer Journey

The customer journey can be broken down into five main stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision
  4. Retention
  5. Advocacy

During all five steps, buyers begin the process of learning about the business.

But you won’t get a lot of personal interaction from your potential customer during the journey.

In fact, most of the customer journey before the decision-making purchase is spent with the lead consuming content, researching the company, and digging into reviews.

After the decision-making purchase, the buyer is nurtured by positive delivery and follow-up.

Funneling most of your marketing efforts toward creating power-packed, informational, educational content is key.

This kind of content does the hard work of converting the lead without the need for much, if any, direct communication.

And that saves you and your team time and energy.

The First Stage of the Customer Journey: Awareness

Awareness is key.

Because if someone doesn’t know you exist, they can’t buy your thing.

I’ve been digging into Alex Hormozi’s content lately (public service announcement… not always PG language, especially if you have little ears around, but solid business advice).

And in his course $100M Leads, based on the book of the same name, he defines advertising as “the process of making known.”

Alex Hormozi's $100M Leads course

It doesn’t matter if you advertise for free via your Instagram or pay Zuckerberg to show up on Facebook.

Advertising is doing the work of making sure people know you exist.

Advertising and awareness are two peas in a pod.

They work toward the same goal.

And in the awareness phase of the customer journey, your prospect first learns about who you are.

Maybe they came across your channel on Youtube or a friend referred them as a previous happy customer.

No matter how someone first became aware about you, it’s your job to create content that makes them want to stick around.

You have to connect.

You have to make your lead realize that you know what you’re talking about, understand their pain points, and that you have a solution.

Types of Brand Awareness Content

To build brand awareness, create a mix of content that includes education, inspiration, and persuasion.

You want to help your audience see you as an authority in your space.

You want to use your messaging to connect on a personal way.

The truth is: connection leads to conversion.

Types of content you can use to build brand awareness (and simultaneously build know-like-trust) include:

  • Blogs, podcast episodes, or YouTube videos
  • Social media videos like lives and reels
  • Ebooks or long form articles
  • How-to videos, checklists, or explainer PDFs

Just about any medium of content will work to build brand awareness, so it’s really up to you and your preferences to determine HOW you want to deliver brand awareness content.

Example of Brand Awareness Content

This week, I’ve been getting ready for a private podcast event called Pure Gold Copy Secrets that leads into the open cart of one of my programs.

Pure Gold Copy Secrets

Listening back to the three episodes, it hit me that this is one of the best collections of free content that I’ve ever created.

And there are three reasons for it.


If someone had never heard of me, they heard my voice and heart for them as a listener.

Also, they got to hear a lot of behind-the-scenes, trust-building content.


This audio content shares my passion.

While I recorded these specific episodes awhile ago, I can still hear in my voice and expression that this is where my heart lies.

I get where my ideal client is at… I know their struggles and pain points.

Watching other women step into their ability to market well online in my joy.

I’m obsessed with teaching the skill of copywriting to female entrepreneurs and seeing them plant their flag with their own messaging.

Finally, I am inspired by business growth and knowing that I had a small part in that.


At the end of the podcast event, I shared about my program, Your Message Is Gold.

This is because I understand my audience enough to know that they need their website to convert, but it won’t unless it has good copy.

Women won’t write good copy unless they know their messaging.

Your Message Is Gold helps with all of that.

So through this private podcast series, I build brand awareness, shared my expertise, and offered a solution to their problem.

Julia McCoy refers to this as “all-of-funnel content” — or AOFC.

AOFC is one piece (or collection) of content that takes the lead through the customer journey up until purchase.

In the same way, this is the kind of content that your audience will eat up as well.

Your Messaging Is The Compass for Your Content

What if you don’t know what your audience needs to hear from you in order to build that know-like-trust factor and nurture their customer journey?

What if creating content isn’t your strong suit and you need support?

If you aren’t a writer but know you need to write well for your business, you’re invited to check out Your Message Is Gold.

It’s a messaging and copywriting program that guides you in a self-study path but also gives you opportunity to submit your writing to me personally for feedback.

All in all, there’s no other copywriting program on the market like this one and when you invest in yourself as a writer and a marketer, you’ll see an immeasurable ROI in your business.

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