A 3-day copywriting challenge for female entrepreneurs.

The 3-Point Treasure Map to take your copy from feeling wordy and salesy to high-conversion marketing gold.

Listen, if your copy can’t sell me on why I should buy from you… then what will? 

You put a ton of time and effort into your copy. Hours into your emails, days into your sales pages, but you’re still not confident that the resulting copy will net the results you’re looking for.

But if the copy you’ve written doesn’t

  • hit the right pain points,
  • meet them where they are
  • give them hope enough to hit the “buy” button?

will this copy actually convert?

All that is mission critical, yes, but in this marketing era, you won’t get sales without connection.

You can’t spark connection between you and your human without the right kind of communication.

Heartfelt, empathetic, effective sales copy — built on a strong messaging foundation — is the communication that will build relationships with your audience, connect to them to strengthen trust, and increase sales in your business.

Communication > connection > conversion. 

Hey, I’m Lindsey Johnson

I help Christian women entrepreneurs and their teams increase conversions by creating relationship-based marketing messages that fuel funnels, build their business, and spread impact.

On an average day, you’ll find me working from the kitchen as I homeschool the kiddos and exploring outdoors with my fam (maybe even jumping in Lake Superior).

Your copy is a catalyst for the good you’re going to accomplish, and you don’t have do it alone. Two are better than one, and through serving you through writing, you can then spread your message like wildfire and serve the world.

This challenge is for you if you’re ready to kick off the uncertainty about writing your own copy. If you want a tried-and-true map to show you the way. 



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