You wish you knew that your website words were going to make an impact (because that DIY copy job you did feels really ineffective).

Would you see a difference in your business with:

* website words that turn browsers into paying clients?

* social media posts that speak to the heart instead of falling on distracted ears?

* brand messaging that reach your audience in a way that is value-giving instead of salesy?

* and copy that convinces your people that you are absolutely the person they want to work with?


You have no idea if you’re even connecting with your audience in a way that’s real, meaningful, and makes a difference.

You want to sound true to yourself, true to your business, but still have an effective voice that attracts your audience by marketing to what they want and what they need. 

You have big revenue goals. You need your marketing copy to do a lot of the legwork for you to lead those potential clients down the pipe, from brand awareness to saying yes on your sales call. 

The problem? You don’t know where to start, you have ZERO time to work on this and your zone of genius is NOT sales writing. 

Hey, I’m Lindsey, and I love copy.

I’m totally a word nerd and get a rush out of helping women-owned, growing & scaling businesses refine their marketing message so they can CLEARLY and CONFIDENTLY share their brand with their audience. 

Have you ever been on a website and left so confused about what the business was about?

Yep. Me too. Without a clear message, you’ll confuse your audience and they’ll stop paying attention.

That cannot be you. The growth of your business depends on it.

Let’s take your copy from just okay to compelling and clear. 

Let’s start at the foundation of your business and develop a VOICE for your brand that is relevant and relatable. 

Best of all? You can keep working in your zone of genius as I do all of the writing for you.

Website copy, email sequences, social media post guidelines. You’ll be ready to implement all of it (or hand it over to a team member) because the brand voice will be in place and you’ll have the key words and phrases to use for consistency and to produce fruit.  

Working with a copywriter can feel scary.

Maybe you’ve tried to work with a copywriter before. They didn’t get you, and they didn’t get your business. 

Or you’ve never felt that you’ve found the right person to TRUST to get your voice. How can you know that someone will write the same way that you write?

Maybe you’re afraid that if you invest a copywriter, it’ll end up being a complete disaster + a waste of your time and money. 

Copy is intimate because your voice is so personal. 

I work with female business owners using my proven brand voice system that keeps their voice true. We collaborate together to dig through to the heart of your brand AND develop a voice that feels like YOU (not me).

But the thing is: your message is not all about you. It’s about your audience. 

A brand voice is a unique combination of your voice as the business owner and the voice that your audience will relate and respond to. An engaged audience means a growing business.


Brand Voice Copywriting // the package and process

  • Initial branding questionnaire to learn about your brand, your vision, your audience, and your mission
  • Read-through of current copy, so the words on your website, your social media, any email sequences… I immerse myself into your brand
  • 45 minute strategy call via Zoom to work through brand voice (+ so I can HEAR your actual voice!)
  • Identification and creation of key brand words and tagline (this stuff is social media gold)
  • Brand voice copywriting for 5 pages of your website (just let me know if you’ll need more than 5 static pages written)
  • 3-email nurture sequence (to introduce your list to your redefined marketing message too!)
  • PDF deliverable of all copy
  • 3 week turnaround w/2 rounds of minor revisions and edits
  • $4000 (two payments of $2000)


Ready to get this off your plate?

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