Your business was meant for such a time as this.

Dear, you

Yes, you. 

  • Determined business owner. 
  • Devoted Christ-follower.
  • Strong in your beliefs, prioritizing the Lord, and living your values.
  • Entrepreneurial in the threads of your God-given DNA. 
  • Looking for support to get your business to a more leveraged place so you can build wealth and change the trajectory of your family for generations to come.

What I know about you, for-sure-and-for-certain, is that you LOVE your business and want it to continue to grow

but never at the expense of your most precious relationships or compromising God’s Word.

"If you are looking for a leader that loves god and loves people..."

You need Lindsey in your life! Everything she does is pure gold and comes from a place of excellence, integrity, and God-honoring principles. Working with Lindsey has helped me clarify my message and mission, helping me impact people around the world. I highly recommend working with Lindsey if you’re ready to take your God-honoring business to the next level.

Jen Myers, founder of Homeschool CEO

If I could slide over and give you a side hug, I would because, dear one, I get it. 

The online business space is filled with offers promising all kinds of lofty outcomes, like so-much-revenue, or so-much-freedom, or so-many-clients. 

 They sound great, but few come from a place of
standing on the promises of God

Standing on the foundation of His Word, no matter the cost,
even when it comes to your business 

especially when it comes to your business.

The truth is: entrepreneurs like you need a space to call home that is foundationally built on shared faith and values.

Precious few of those dopamine-infused offers – courses, coaching, or communities – place the same level of priority on the people God has placed in your life (your spouse, your kiddos, friends, and extended family) over your business. 

Business tactics you consume come from this hustle-and-grind mentality that at best pushes your faith aside – at worst, ignores it entirely – instead of making space for what matters most to your heart and soul.


For a place where ALL things are rooted in who you are in Jesus:

  • The goals you set. 
  • The action you take. 
  • The experts you listen to.
  • The strategies you implement. 
  • How you steward your home and family. 
  • How you decide to say “yes” or “no.”

Built on a foundation of God’s word, we cultivate legacy together

"Lindsey is one of the most giving, heartfelt, and honest people I know

 …and it really shows in her work. She approached working with me from her coaching nature. Lindsey takes time to learn the nitty-gritty of your business before diving in to make sure that she meets you right where you are, and she doesn’t shy away from doing further research and tweaking things to produce the best output possible. I have absolutely loved working with her!”

Amy Wine, Amy Wine & Co.

When you seek counsel from someone who holds the same core values, the results are deeper and lasting. 

When you surround yourself with women who get the way you want to do business, the outcome is community you didn’t know existed. 

When you invest in the growth of your business so that you intentionally design it to leverage profitable offers and build up revenue, you can impact the trajectory of your family in ways you may only dream of right now.

Break through the noise and focus on what really matters when you join:

Cultivate: A high-level mastermind for Christian women building God-honoring businesses. 🌱

Coaching and community so you can design and grow a profitable business that leaves space for what you value most: your faith and family.

Cultivate is founded on four main pillars:

Cultivate Mastermind
Cultivate Mastermind
Cultivate Mastermind
Cultivate Mastermind

Coaching and community to cultivate the business that works for your life, while maximizing profits and leveraging your strengths. 


  • Voxer coaching with Lindsey (pocket access to me as your coach — $500 monthly value)
  • Weekly access to content audits (for submissions like sales pages, offers, stats, etc)
  • Monthly training calls (from me and guest experts I bring in to facilitate God-honoring learning and business building)


  • Weekly calls with other women who love Jesus
  • Private Facebook community for questions and conversation 
  • Likeminded women growing businesses and prioritizing Jesus & families with common goals 
  • Bi-annual retreats (think: part writing retreat, part masterminding amazingness along the shore of Lake Superior)

Potential outcomes you may experience as a part of this mastermind for Christian women business owners? 

  • Create new offers or restructure existing ones to create a more leveraged, profitable business model
  • Consistent messaging and strong copy following my signature process that I’ve used with hundreds of clients and students
  • Voice of customer research and implementation into all your content like social media, email marketing, and more
  • Work through time management as a busy mom
  • Mindset coaching from a biblical, non-woo perspective (zero New Age stuff here)
  • Digital marketing strategy and systems that take less time, not more


(plus, start with a 1 month paid trial)

Who would you be if your business growth felt natural and God-honoring?

What dreams would you make reality if your business provided the finances necessary?

Would the trajectory of your family tree grow if your business funded the changes you desire?

How many lives could you touch with more resources to give and share?

    Hey, I’m Lindsey Johnson

    • Entrepreneur since 2014
    • A coach and community builder
    • A messaging strategist
    • An FG Society certified triple-threat master marketer
    • A homeschool momma of 4
    • A Bible-believing, Christ follower
    • A nurturer and encourager
    • A loyal protector and friend

    Women entrepreneurs come to me for: 

    • A supportive, nurturing, encouraging coach who loves Jesus and believes that any woman can change the trajectory of her family with the right mindset and strategic action
    • A coach specializing in conversion copy, strategic and leveraged offers, and designing your business to work for YOU
    • A coach who pushes towards growth but not at the expense of your relationships or core beliefs – who believes in you til you believe in yourself

    In the beginning of 2019, the Johnson fam was a family of 5.

    At the end of 2019, we had grown to a family of 6, thanks to the beautiful and heart-wrenching gift of adoption

    My heart’s desire, even as a kid, has been to adopt – Lord-willing.

    And in 2018, my husband and I prayed, talked, waited (and prayed some more) and ultimately said, “okay God, we’ll move forward until you give us a red light.” 

    Long story short, He didn’t.

    We were chosen by the bravest, strongest momma to be the family for our son. 

    Adoption changed the trajectory of our family forever.

    You know what else? I am convinced He directed the steps of my business to help fund it.

    Your business can be the vehicle for change in your family and others around you, especially if you have the right coach and community in your corner

    What about you? 

    Maybe you want to start homeschooling.

    Maybe you are pursuing adoption

    Maybe you are preparing to help aging parents

    Maybe you want to fund real estate deals

    Maybe you want to retire your spouse

    Maybe you want to support a missionary or fund a non-profit

    God didn’t give you those dreams and visions for nothing, friend. 

    Ready to cultivate your life and business together in alignment with the values and passions that fuel your faith and family?

    PS. Even if you are uncertain about joining Cultivate right now, submitting your application is the best way to begin the conversation. But if you have questions, my DMs and Voxer are always open (all at @verityandco). There is also information on a limited time 1-month trial period and other program expectations on the application page. My heart is to support and encourage you in life and business, and I’m praying for you as you consider this step. xx, Lindsey

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