Brand & website launch: Danielle Roberts–wife, mom, entrepreneur, author.

Danielle Roberts

I first met this woman in an online community of like-minded female entrepreneurs. It was awhile ago now; I can’t even remember when. But I knew we would be kindred spirits. She was a fellow Wisconsinite moving back home after years away. She was a wife and momma and entrepreneur juggling the reality of what that entails.

And now, Danielle Roberts is an author. Her book, based on Proverbs 31, is called Created for This.

Danielle’s ultimate goal for her book, Created For This: Digging deep into God’s word while growing in your faith and business is this: she wants women to pick up this book and know that they can grow in their walk with God, as a woman, in motherhood and marriage, and in entrepreneurship.

Danielle approached me to create her author brand and build the website that she would share her heart with passionate women entrepreneurs just craving to draw nearer to Jesus, and I was honored. Honored that she trusted me enough to capture the essence of her heart. Honored that she believed I could put her thoughts into something visible and tangible. Honored to be a part of this story.

Danielle’s branding homework was one of the most thorough pieces of writing I have worked with to date. She knew what she was about and was able to communicate that in her beautiful words:

When I asked the question: “how do you need your ideal audience to feel when they see your branding and your website?”, she responded:

Understood. Like they’ve found a home to help them get where they want to be. A hint of Jesus even if it’s not in typical Biblical imagery. Like they belong. Like I understand their heart.

I could say oh so much more, but for today, this is enough. Created for This is enough.

To see Danielle’s site, learn more about her heart, and to pre-order a copy of her book, visit

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