Full-service branding is a term that not all may be familiar with… essentially, because it’s something that coined for my big, signature, zenith offering that now defines what Verity is all about.

Full-service is a lot of things and delivers a lot of value to my clients, but what is it exactly?

What is full service branding?

Full-service is ALL-INCLUSIVE.

It means a one-stop shop for all things branding. From the visuals to the marketing message to the way it all pulls together in one beautiful, conversion-based website design. Full-service means everything your business needs to have a meaningful presence online, share your heart and your mission, and make an impact with what you’re doing in business.

We go through the foundational strategy of your business, including unique positioning, audience & avatars, how you want to be perceived as a brand, and those good things to create a plan for the rest of the package. That is the basis for the visuals (like logo and brand colors/typography), the copy (message that you’re spreading and the marketing language you use), and how it pulls together into a stunning website that gets your audience converted to customers and clients.

Full-service is CONSISTENT.

Consistency is important to you as a business owner because it is important to your audience. Consistency plays a huge role in the know, like, and trust factor that you build with your audience because that rapport also builds faith. If you’re haphazard about posting on social media, or are everywhere as far as the visuals you share, your brand is unclear and inconsistent–your audience then is unsure about whether or not they can ultimately trust you.

So when your brand is consistent–this includes your visuals AND your words–you can build that know, like, trust faster and with more ease. You can work with your business, not against your business, to grow that trust so your people fall in love with you and trust you as someone they will buy from.

Full-service is COHESIVE & POLISHED.

Full-service is also cohesive and polished because it consists of EACH PIECE of your brand growing from the same “root system” (brand strategy) so everything fits together in a seamless way… each piece ultimately fostering that know, like, and trust of your brand.

The visuals support the way you want your business to be perceived by your audience AND attract the right kinds of people. The copy (the words!) support the visuals by also reaching the same people and sharing the same kind of message to encourage that ultimate perception. The website is the pinnacle that brings the visuals together in a polished way that guides your audience to take an action that invites them to be a part of what you’re doing, whether that is hire you for a service, become a student of your coaching program, buy a product, or enroll in a course.

Your brand works as an invitation. When that brand is beautiful, clear, and inviting, it cultivates growth.

Full-service is EFFICIENT & TIME-SAVING.

Full-service branding saves you time, effort, personal bandwidth, and the need for a project manager (or for YOU to be the project manager!). Instead of interviewing and hiring three separate freelancers for this one main project, I have you covered with the skills and track record to deliver everything for you–but without being an agency. Full-service means one invoice, one contract, one project management tool, not three or more. It means you can use that extra time working in your own business… growing, scaling, creating, and keeping your forward-moving momentum going. 

Full-service branding is all these things and more. But if you really break it down, it comes down to three essential pieces: brand visuals, copy/marketing message, and a beautiful website. But then these pieces trickle into a consistent social media presence, a polished marketing message across all platforms, and the confidence to reach your ideal audience with the vision and offer to help make their lives or businesses better.

It’s reaching into the core of what your business stands for and coming to the surface with the foundational elements to solidify that central values-system, in a way that is clear and true to who you are as a business owner. It’s something rock-solid to stand on, to guide your business decisions and to lead you forward.

Full-service branding is what Verity & Co. is all about. LEARN MORE. 

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