We are often brought together by what unifies us, aren’t we. Our values in life, our faith and family, and what we hold dear and precious in our hearts is what brings us together. So has this idea of legacy in business and life and the companion idea of a God-led business and life.

I’m so excited to share this interview with Avery Forrest, who was a successful wedding photographer in the Gulf Shores of Alabama before listening to the leading of the Lord in her life to let that go. To do something different.

And now she is mentoring women who have the desire to do all things to glorify God in their lives and coaches them on how to run a God-led business.

You will be encouraged and challenged in this episode to give all you have to what matters most and, if you haven’t done it yet, do the hard work of prioritizing what comes first in your life. A God-led business will lead to so many blessings in your life.

You can connect with Avery on her website, Instagram, or Facebook!

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