What if your website

worked to help your business REALLY grow?

You are an amazing entrepreneur.

Well. You might not think so just yet, but you are.

You’ve got the grit to start something from nothing. To take an idea and make it something real.

You’ve got the tenacity to stick with it, to see your business grow from something small to something pretty significant. To grow and grow and grow.

But, maybe, sometimes, you feel really insecure about the way you write for your business, and you have no idea if you’re even connecting with your audience in a way that’s real, meaningful, and actually makes a difference.

Sound familiar?

I know, because I’ve been there; I’ve been in your shoes.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re writing by the seat of your pants, insecure about how things are coming across to your readers.

I know what it’s like to feel confused and rambling and silly, and–if you’re going to make the effort to write for your business–to know you need to make more of an impact for goodness’ sake!

Hey, friend. This is where I come in.


And we can uncover it together. 

Your Message Is Gold: 

How to Write for Your Business to Speak to the Heart and Make Sales

What is this course all about? We’ll dig deep into:


The heart behind your brand messaging

  • Defining and refining your mission statement, your elevator pitch
  • Relationship between visual branding and written branding
  • Creating your writing style
  • Writing how you speak, infusing your personality into your words

How to write for the web: websites, blogs, and email marketing

  • Why writing for the web is different than your parent’s business writing
  • How to write your website copy
  • How to write email marketing copy
  • Strategy for blog writing and planning
  • Using your copy to increase know, like, and trust

Speaking to the heart of your ideal client

  • Identify your target audience and their pain points

  • Address the beauty of transformation

  • Know who you are speaking to

  • Defining the language that speaks to them

Your social media messaging

  • How to own your voice and feel confident
  • Social media as a tool to lead to conversions and sales
  • Content planning
  • Sharing your story in order to relate to and impact more people

Semantics: grammar for business writing

  • Learning the rules so we can “break” them in your favor
  • Incorporating conversational writing
  • Creating a powerful brand language
  • Comprehensive word bank


Each module includes:

  • worksheets
  • checklists
  • swipe copy for you to use in your own business!
This 6-week LIVE course begins Monday, June 19 and runs through Friday, July 28!

What can you expect to invest for this course? You can get it now for the special INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $149.

Your Message Is Gold is launching for the first time in a very special and unique format. 

Drip modules, exclusive Facebook group access, 1:1 consultation with me, and continual feedback as you go through the material.

That’s why you’re getting the chance to scoop up this course for $149. The full price for this course will be at least $497 when it launches evergreen in the fall of 2017, but you’ll have FOREVER ACCESS for the lifetime of the course from here on out. You’ll get the special attention and feedback from me, but you’ll also get the course when it’s prettily packaged up and tied with a bow later this year.

I’m going to be very honest with you right now: the format for this program may not be for you right now.

If you are one to dive head first into a course and consume all of the modules and content within a week or two of purchase, this may not be for you right now. This first round of Your Message Is Gold is designed to be more casual and laid back, WAY more personal, and include a good portion give-and-take from everyone who enrolls.

Modules (including video content, slide presentations, and workbooks and other PDF materials) will drip weekly, and we will be going through the content collectively in a private Facebook group setting–to be supported by each other and grow together in our writing.

So, it may not be typical, but this is also one reason that THIS FIRST ROUND WILL BE SO VALUABLE.

The 1:1 support and feedback I’ll be offering is unprecedented and will likely not be offered in future rounds of this course.

It will eventually be offered as evergreen and self-paced content, but I’m running it LIVE first to create a culture of support and real transformation for my students. If you join now, you’ll be a part of the foundation group of students.

  • You’ll get access to me via the Facebook group and email for the entire duration of the course.
  • We’ll have regular “office hours” for communication and Q&As. You’ll be able to send me your worksheets for feedback.

This support alone is worth. so. much. My time is valuable that it’s hard to even put a dollar amount next to this availability.

And in addition to the 1:1 access,  you’ll also get access for the lifetime of the course to the future, evergreen model, including any changes or updates to the material, and any bonuses that may be a part of the course for the full launch scheduled for the fall 2017. Get it now, and keep it for good. And get all the good stuff now and any future good stuff.

Basically, I need you to help me make this the BEST course on brand messaging out there. Want to be a part of it?

This intimate group is LIMITED to only 10 SPOTS. 

Yep, I’m only taking the first 10 entrepreneurs who sign up for the first (and only live) round of Your Message Is Gold.

Plus, we’ve got valuable BONUS modules just for you that you can help me test-drive and perfect for future offerings.

What are they?


The Beauty of Repurposing Content

and how to make a plan for your business

Demystifying Sales Pages

and the best formula on how to write them

Creating A Comprehensive Style Guide for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a solopreneur or growing a team, this style guide will keep your content consistent and effective
These bonus modules may or may not be included in the full course when it launches in the fall–but as a thank you and extra something for you, we’ll work through the content together–and you’ll get to keep access to it!
I cannot say enough about working with Lindsey and Verity & Co. Lindsey is exceptional at what she does and is a pure delight to work with. She genuinely cares about her clients’ success and goes to great lengths to not only meet, but exceed their expectations.
Lynne Raatz

Lindsey is amazing. I wish we could have worked together in person! She is experienced, detailed and has great communication, with a detail-oriented, seamless process.
Tessa Williams

Lindsey’s incredible communication, detailed explanations and extra help with absolutely anything and everything that I had questions on made the client process wonderful.
Nicole Hensley

Wait, have we met? Hi, I’m Lindsey Johnson

And I have years of experience as a small business web designer plus formal education in the English language and the study of words.

That unique combination has taught me the ins and outs of writing for the web in order to get to the heart of your audience, to make connections and to make sales.

As a wife and mom, I spend my days chasing our three kiddos, loving our rural Wisconsin life, and seek a life full of faith and truth and grace.

My VA does all of my copywriting. Can I enroll her instead?
YES. Brilliant idea, by the way. Just use your virtual assistant’s name and email address to enroll in the course, and delegate the course materials (and the amazing writing that will come) to her!
This summer is already so busy. How much time do I need to dedicate?
You can expect to spend 1-2 hours a week on this course–less if you really need to skim, more if you really want to dive in.
Can I go through the content again?
YES. You will have forever access to this course. This means you will get first access now, you’ll get the pretty and packaged course when it launches in the fall, and you’ll get any and all future updates to the content. You can go through the content as often or as many times as you’d like. 
QUESTIONS? You know all you gotta do is ask! If you’re still not sure Your Message Is Gold is the right fit for you, email me (lindsey@verityandco.com) and we’ll figure it out together. <3 

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