Your Message Is Gold: How to Write for Your Business to Speak to the Heart and Make Sales

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my signature course called Your Message Is Gold, a copywriting and content course created for entrepreneurs like you in mind.

Your Message Is Gold As I sit down to write this post, I’m not even sure where to begin.

This course creation process has been a culmination of so many things. A road of hills and valleys. What started as a brainchild several YEARS ago has suddenly become a thing (and seemingly taken forever at the same time).

It’s fairly common knowledge that I’m an English nut, a word nerd, a language buff. I have been since high school. Short stories and research papers were actually my favorite back in high school (not even kidding!). Even while I was starting and growing my small business, my love for writing (and let’s face it: quite a bit of grit and determination) propelled me to go back to school and actually finish that bachelor’s degree.

I graduated with my BA in English Language and Literature last summer (so, 2016). And I never knew what I would “do” with it once the paper was in my hands, but it was still something I was determined to see through.

Writing and English made room for a passion for web design and helping small businesses grow their visuals online, but that only solidified the NEED for foundational brand messaging: strong, solid copy & content, a clear message written for a target audience, and that conversational writing that speaks to the hearts–that which grows businesses by trust and eventually leads to more sales, not that only demands sales. 

The idea of combining my education in English with Verity was always in the back of my mind, but it was when I was pregnant with my daughter (yeah, a while ago now) that the brainchild was actually developing.

Did I mention this idea is pretty old? 🙂

Your Message Is Gold has been a labor of love to create. It’s taken years to research what my audience needs, to compile the trainings that would best serve them, and honestly just carve out the time to CREATE something that would build my business rather than always remaining focused on my client projects.

It’s been created for the entrepreneur / small business owner in mind. 

It’s for those who wish they had stronger copy. 

It’s for those who wish they knew what to write to reach their audience. 

It’s for those who just can’t spend thousands on a copywriter for their business. 

It’s for those to want to solidify the foundation of the brand messaging from everything to their values and audience to the copy on their website and social media. 

It’s for those who feel they can’t write well, because as with anything, with enough grit, determination, and practice, we can improve at ANYTHING. Even writing. 

Your Message Is Gold was created for all these reasons and more. My unique combination of web design and writing has taught me the ins and outs of writing for the web to get to the heart of your ideal audience, to make meaningful connections, and to make sales in your business. 

This is what I want for you. This is why I created Gold.

So without further adieu, I invite you to see what Your Message Is Gold is all about. I invite you to take part, to participate, to enroll. I invite you to join me in growing your business through the messages you write everyday for your business, because I get how important this is.

I get how important this is for you. And I would be HONORED to be the one to lead you on this road to confident copy, a growing business, and a brand message you will be SO PROUD to share with your people.

–> Click here to check out Your Message Is Gold!

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