As my own small business has grown throughout the years, I look back and realize it’s been primarily through a combination of two thing: clarity and confidence. These two things can fire strategic growth and be a catalyst for so many things in business, motherhood, and personal life. In this episode we talk through how to get clarity when you want to move forward, and how we can take action in quiet confidence in the Lord, not through our own strength.

This episode also features four audio clips from entrepreneurs — four amazing ladies who are currently in my #livealegacy mastermind — who have experienced this clarify and confidence at some point in their life or business.

Angie Askelsen, an online business manager

Heather Craig, of Thriving Waves Financial

Erika Jones, a content creator and copywriter

Amy Gabriel, the founder of LippyClip

I’m so excited to share these ladies and their journeys with you.

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