How to Help Someone Who Is Hurting

Have you ever walked alongside someone you love as they go through a terrible situation?

The fact is: most of us have.

It’s so difficult to know what to say and what to do help someone who is hurting.

But it’s part of the human experience.

So how can you tangibly know how to help someone who is hurting?

My guest is Kari Bartkus of Love Does That.

Kari is building a business around this idea that no one should walk through hardship or grief alone.

She helps people like you and me figure out how to help someone who us hurting.

One cool way that Kari does this is through providing little encouragements and gifts if you need a practical way to show love to someone who is hurting.

She equips others with ideas and gifts you can use to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Tangible expressions of care.

The fact is?

When you stay close to the Lord, you are better prepared to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around you.

Kari and her family live in Indiana where they enjoy small town living and trips to the lake.

You can visit Kari at her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can get 10% off your purchase of handmade gifts to support your loved ones at her shop using the code LEGACY10.



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