Are you figuring out how to homeschool and run a business?

Whether you’ve been thrown into a homeschooling decision because of covid-19, or you’re in a season of figuring out how to grow your business in addition to homeschooling your kids, this episode goes into how I make it all work (and why I really don’t love that question), how things shift and change in our house to make school and entrepreneurship optimal for our family, the support I have to make it happen, and the role of expectations for myself and our household.

We are each called to our own personal version of entrepreneurship and homeschooling, and that’s the beauty: that homeschooling can look different for everyone. Subscribe to the podcast and connect with me for even more support and training on your legacy brand message.

You can also find my plug – and – play copy system for writing your easiest sales page ever at

If  you have ever stressed about what to say, wondering if your words are even going to make a difference and connect with the people you so passionately want to serve, you, my friend, are not alone.

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