Picture me this: you’re in the middle of drafting brand new copy for your website. Your Home page copy is great (those headlines, though *chef’s kiss*), your Services page is coming together with key marketing arguments on how your ideal client can benefit from what you do, and you’ve even got a few blog posts drafted. All that’s left is how to write a good About page — but this page has you absolutely stumped.

You know you need an About page that shares your talent, credibility and skills with the world but doesn’t make you sound like you’re bragging. Copy that helps your audience feel a connection to you. Copy that builds trust between you and your audience because trust is the main ingredient for conversion.

Simply put, crafting a compelling “About” page is crucial for small business owners aiming to establish and grow their online presence. In this guide, we will dive into why a strong About page is so important and take inspiration from successful examples of business owners making their About page an effective marketing asset.

Throughout this blog post, you will discover best practices for how to write a good About page, including how to showcase your brand’s uniqueness and what to say in order to establishing trust with your audience.

We will touch upon the benefits of using templates for crafting your “About Me” page as a way to speed up the writing process, give you prompts to start with and avoid that “blinking cursor” syndrome that is very prevalent in Google docs.

By following these guidelines on how to write a good About page, you are sure to leave site visitors with a lasting impression of connection while representing your expertise and credibility in a way that makes them want to hit that “book now” button on the spot. 

how to write a good about page


Table of Contents:

Why Your About Page Matters

A well-crafted About Us page is key to connecting with your ideal clients and building trust. In the day and age of digital marketing, our audience will get to the place of making a buying decision faster if they have a deeper trust in who you are. But the About page is arguable the hardest page for a business owner to write for themselves, especially if you don’t consider yourself a copywriter.

You need a strong About page that is both conversational and authoritative. You need an effective About page that speaks of accolades and gives people reason to trust you as an expert in your field.

If people are truly interested in your goods or services, they’ll probably make their way over to your About page. Why? Because they want to know more about you.

They want to know why you do what you do, what makes you click, what makes you human. They want to know if they’ll like you, get to know the real you, and ultimately trust you with their hard earned dollars and valuable time.

Showcasing Your Brand

Highlighting what sets you apart from competitors with specific features or values that make your business unique is a great place to start. Your About page is a great place to share your mission statement and your values statement. Share things that set you apart in the marketplace and make sure you’re not shy about telling people what you value and why.

Sharing core values that you likely have in common with your audience will accelerate that know-like-trust factor as well. We like to buy from people who are like us.

Building Trust with Your Audience

  • Short paragraphs: Break up large blocks of text to make it easier for visitors to skim and read.
  • No sales pitch: Focus on building credibility rather than pushing products/services directly (though you can and should have a call-to-action at the bottom of the page — tell them what you’d like them to do next!)
  • Tell Your Brand Story: Create rapport by sharing personal stories or experiences that led you to create the company and serve your clients.

Guide potential customers through their decision-making process by informing them about who you are and exciting them about working together long-term. Make connections between who you are personally and who your clients want to be.

For example, if you have achieved financial freedom or lifestyle freedom through following the pathway you’re now coaching on, share that. How is your story similar to their story?

Your audience wants to see a tiny bit of their future selves reflected in you.  


how to write a good about page

How to Write A Good About Page: Best Practices

Strike the right balance between informative and engaging by following these best practices for your About page.

Know Who You’re Talking To

Know your audience inside and out. If you’re in the process of writing your whole website, you need to know who you’re speaking to. 

What are their struggles, pain points, and challenges related to how you show up and serve your clients and customers? What are their desires, needs, and wants that you can help them discover and have for themselves? 

Don’t write things that you wouldn’t want to read about another business owner. Your audience wants to know that you’re a real human being with joys and sorrows, successes and failures, good days and bad days, and that you relate to them. They also want to know they can trust you as a person, you as a professional, and you as a business owner to help them somehow.

Be a mirror. Turn your story into their story.

Be Conversational in Writing Style

Humanize your brand by adopting a conversational writing style and sharing stories about your business. What have been the most impactful About pages you’ve read? Likely ones that have drawn you in with personality and human kindness.

It is important to maintain consistency in your brand voice throughout your entire website copy, marketing content, and even email communication, so if you’re conversational in your About page copy, make sure that translates to all the pages of your website.

  • Share a Story: What can you share about yourself that your audience will resonate with?
  • Incorporate Testimonials: Include real quotes from satisfied clients as social proof of your credibility.
  • Showcase Your Team: Introduce key team members through photos and brief bios to reinforce trust.

By showcasing your brand’s unique qualities and fostering trust with your audience, you’ll bring them one step closer in their customer journey.

Got it? Here’s where you flaunt it.

Have you won awards in your industry? Have you worked with a high-profile client or been featured in a famous publication or podcast? Do you have certifications or other education worth mentioning?

In addition to featuring these accolades on a revolving slider on your homepage where it’ll really get attention, you can go deeper on your About page and list more, explain their significance, or simply let the logo reel speak for itself.

It’s not the only thing that matters (connection is a two-way street) but potential clients and customers do appreciate knowing that you’re the real deal and have seen some success along the way.

how to write a good about page

How to Write a Good About Page: Expert Examples

Ready to learn from the best and see examples from out in the wild? Check out these successful About pages from creative experts in the small business industry.

The Ops Authority’s Focus on the Details

Natalie Gingrich, the founder of The Ops Authority, uses her story to relate to her audience, future pacing to help them see that they can have a similar life that she found but much faster than going through the trial and error that she did, and even includes fun elements like client testimonials, her mission and values statements, and her scores on tests like the Kolbe and Myers-Briggs.

how to write a good about page

how to write a good about page

how to write a good about page

Click here to view The Ops Authority About page.

Homeschool CEO’s Storytelling Approach

Homeschool CEO’s founder, Jen Myers, leans into the power of storytelling with her About page. Jen leads with a “why we exist” statement to connect with her niche audience, helps them believe that the future they desire is possible, and share her story to help foster hope and belief that yes, they can achieve this life too.

how to write a good about page

how to write a good about page

Click here to view the Homeschool CEO About page.

By following the examples of these amazing women business owners, you too can create an engaging and memorable About page that builds trust with potential customers and connects them to your story.

3 Specific Sections to Include on Your About Page

When crafting an impactful About Us page, focus on a compelling Headline, highlighting your Credentials, and Connection Strategies to resonate with readers.

Headline Section

List relevant qualifications, certifications, awards, or media mentions to establish trust and credibility with your audience.

Credentials Section

This is a great place to start if you’re feeling stuck about sharing your story. Start compiling the happy mail — relevant qualifications, certifications, awards, or media mentions to establish trust and credibility with your audience. These accolades tell the story so you don’t have to yourself.

Connection Strategies

  • Tell Personal Stories: Share relatable anecdotes or experiences to humanize your brand.
  • Showcase Testimonials: Include customer testimonials to build trust and rapport.
  • Incorporate Visuals: Use images or videos to give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at your team or manufacturing process.

People won’t buy without a strong connection with YOU. And while that connection is typically built out over time, your About page is the most obvious place they’ll go to at least get a good taste of who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help them. It’s the best place for you to build immediate rapport.

In a sea of businesses, people buy from people so make sure your About page showcases a person they can resonate with.

how to write a good about page

How to Write a Good About Page Using a Copy Template

Using a template as a starting point for writing your About page ensures you cover all essential information while allowing customization to reflect your brand personality, resulting in increased conversions and overall success.

Ensuring all essential information is covered

A profession copy template guides you through adding key elements such as your company’s mission, vision, team members, accomplishments, and unique selling points, building trust with your audience. An About page copy template can help you through writing a compelling headline and tagline for hooking your audience’s attention at the top of the page.

FAQs in Relation to How to Write a Good about Page

How Can I Write an Amazing About Page?

Include storytelling elements that engage readers while providing essential information on your company’s mission, values, and achievements.

Use short paragraphs for readability and avoid turning it into a sales pitch or blog post.

Back up claims with credible sources.

What Makes a Good About Me Page?

Be engaging, informative, and authentic in tone while establishing rapport with site visitors.

Share your story. Highlight personal experiences or expertise relevant to the business so your audience can visualize themselves in your success. Help them see that they too can experience the amazing things that you have through what you have to offer.

Make “top of the fold” area of your page count with an attention-grabbing headline that encourages your audience to keep reading.

How to Write a Good About Page for a Small Business

Clearly state your mission, share your brand story and your company mission, highlight key team members, showcase customer testimonials, and include a call-to-action so your reader knows what they’re supposed to do next (usually that’s book a call or fill out a form, but it can be a button to make a purchase directly depending on your business).

Ensure that content is concise yet compelling enough to engage potential customers.

Back up claims with credible sources.


how to write a good about page


How to write a good About page is a skill that every small business owner needs to have, especially in the beginning and growing stages of their business. An About page has the power to convert, in and of itself, and is so needed to establish trust and build rapport with the people who are considering working with you or buying your products.

Using templates can help ensure all essential information is covered while allowing customization according to brand personality.

We’ve created a FREE RESOURCE for you on how to write a good About page. Our About page copy template takes the guesswork out of writing — save time and know exactly what stories to share, headline to write, and credentials to include with this template.


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