{Note: this episode discusses the sensitive topic of human trafficking and exploitation, so please use discretion if you have little ears around you while you tune in. Ear buds recommended for all you mommas!}

Human Trafficking and Exploitation at the Local Level

As the issue of human trafficking and exploitation continues to grow as a hot topic on social media, it is overwhelming to know what we as mama bears can do to help.

How can we help stop the exploitation and make a difference in the lives of the children and the vulnerable?

What does this look like at a local level?

What does this look like from the perspective of someone working in this issue every single day?

My guest this week, Tatiana Bergum, sheds a floodlight on what trafficking and exploitation look like locally, how it’s not like the movie Taken, and how we can educate ourselves on what is happening in our area to help make change.

Here is a compilation of links mentioned in the show:

Safe Harbor Fact Sheet

The Safe Harbor Fact Sheet gives ways to access local information regarding the Safe Harbor Law.

Additionally, the Safe Harbor Law prevents minors (any child under 18) from being prosecuted for prostitution and directs juvenile trafficking victims to specialized services that will help them heal.

Click here for the fact sheet: Safe Harbor Fact Sheet

Polaris Project

The Polaris Project fights human trafficking by targeting the systems that allow or encourage trafficking to occur.

Furthermore, they provide help and healing for victims after trauma.

Click here for more on the Polaris Project.

2019 Human Trafficking and Exploitation Survey Results

This is the first population-based prevalence estimate of high school students who report trading sex for something of value (including trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation).

The results? Heartbreaking and eye-opening.

Click here to access the full Survey Results from the U of M.

Love146 Child Trafficking Prevention Curriculum

Love146 is an organization marked by survivor care, prevention and community education, and strategic collaboration. They were with adults like parents, professionals and community members to make change.

Love146 believes that “this is the beginning of the end of child trafficking.”

You can participate in an interactive human trafficking course that Tatiana tells us about in this podcast.

Click here to learn more about the Love146 “Not a Number” Curriculum.

What can we do About Human Trafficking and Exploitation?

Tatiana encourages us to become educated, empowered, and equipped to make a difference against human trafficking and exploitation in our communities.

It’s more common than we ever realize.

Tatiana now hosts her own podcast called Prophetic Justice Podcast and you can follow her on here on Instagram.

Thank you for being aware, building awareness, having empathy, and wanting to make change.


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