I’m so excited to finally let you in on the behind-the-scenes that has been happening around here since summertime. When I was pregnant with my daughter, one goal for my casual maternity leave was to rebrand my business in order to serve you better and more effectively plan for future growth.

I had felt like I was outgrowing my current name and model and needed a bigger umbrella, so to speak, to encourage growth and allow for more. This change had been percolating for a good portion of 2016, but it had to be done semi-strategically, in between client projects, family life, and actually making the specific decisions required to move forward.

Well, my maternity leave ended, fall came and left us, and now it is approaching Christmas (gracious, my baby daughter turned 4 months this week!), so things didn’t happen as fast as I initially thought and intended. #reallife, hey. However, as I’m rolling out the new brand and visuals, I’m happy to announce that:

Verity Web Solutions has become Verity & Co.

Introducing Verity & Co

So many feelings go along with this announcement! So. many. feelings.

A bit of nostalgia, a little vulnerability, but most of all, anxious excitement for the future. 

But why did I ultimately decide upon Verity & Co? If you followed me on social media this past summer, you’ll remember that I had a few additional options under consideration–among them were Verity Collective, Verity Collaborative, and By Verity. All of them were similar, and I had a good mix of friends who preferred each of them! I probably could have chosen any one and it would have worked with my brand focus.

But I chose Verity & Co because I believe this adventure is a combination of ALL of the name options.

Verity is a collective of small business owners motivated to online success.

Verity is a collaboration of entrepreneurs working together to support one another and cheer each other on.

Verity is a brand based on creativity and friendship.

Basically, Verity & Co is Verity and you.

Think of Verity & Co as you and me, your business and mine, working together to make your brand grow and flourish.

Verity & Co will continue to offer web design, web development, brand strategy and visuals, and copywriting, just as I did under Verity Web Solutions. You’ll still get the same small business cheerleading, encouragement, and tips. But with a new name comes a fresh outlook and a natural change for offering more as far as courses and education. This change allows Verity to continue to grow with the ebb and flow of life and business, and I’m so grateful for your continued support and cheering on. This would be nothing without all of you. 

Excited to continue to grow together.

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