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A brand with its roots in education, results-based innovation, and—ultimately—serving.

Lorena of Learn to Flourish first came to me because she was looking for someone to help with her copy, her brand message, and writing a clear and compelling brand story online. She founded her company in January 2018 and bootstrapped her branding and website to get started. However, already gaining amazing momentum, new clients, and stacking a team to surround her in business, Learn to Flourish was already outgrowing the website started in the beginning. 

We went through what the full-service branding process looked like and how creating these three foundational pieces of her business in a way that’s woven together for cohesion would be one way to fast-track the momentum she was already gaining. Compelling copy is important, but without the design to back up the message, the full impact isn’t there. Together we worked to create a professional brand with a personal edge, one that could stand the test of time and one that could also thrive with Lorena in the role of CEO as she continues to grow the team around her. 

Much of the work we do in the beginning has to do with core values, the mission and vision of the company, and pulling out the visuals that represent that core. When we dug deep, we created a brand that signifies an emerging leader in innovative employee onboarding training and communication company with a strong yet approachable presence. An industry leader. Trustworthy, caring, personable with a standard of excellence. 

Companies like Lorena’s have big dreams and goals.

I’m so proud of the hard work Lorena put into the foundation of her brand now to set herself up for even greater success in the future. She has a solid message that presents her as a leader in the eLearning space. Her credentials and her team back up that message by providing the most excellent deliverables, service, and care to their clients. She truly is set up to disrupt the online course industry by positioning herself as a leader, a relatable and personable CEO, who has real-life solutions and guidance for organizations who need to supplement their training programs and small businesses who want to change the world with their teaching.

The potential impact she can now make is immeasurable. She can go out change the world of eLearning and online training. And I believe she will.



Check out the whole of Learn to Flourish’s new brand and site here.

Wondering if this all-inclusive package is right for your business? You are ready to have a brand that shines from the core and positions you as a leader in your niche. Learn more here. I’d love to jump on a consultation call to talk about your vision and using minimal design, compelling copy, and a brand that represents the heart of who you are.


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