An 8-week mastermind focused on support and accountability for momma biz owners overwhelmed by this challenging season.

April 3 – May 29 | $197

Do you feel afraid of how this uncertain season is affecting your business long-term?

Do you feel overwhelmed with millions of tasks, kiddos at home, unexpected homeschooling, and even facing anxiety because of what’s going on in the world? 

You wish you had support and accountability to get the most important things done in your business, because now that life is not normal, you just can’t make time for it all. You need connection and relationships with women who get it.

There are so many ways you could shift or pivot your business right now, but how do you know what’s the smartest move? You crave feedback on strategy, pivots, offers, and visibility opportunities for your brand. You need a sounding board. 

You need your business to come out of this crisis STRONGER than ever, but how?

Watch this. <–

This is my heart for you, friend.  


Are you ready to THRIVE in, not just survive, the disruptions thrown at us?
This mastermind is designed to help you in these ways:

THE Support, guidance, and stability youR BRAND needS to endure

You want the confidence to keep going in your business — and to finally feel like you’re not doing this alone.


Support from a homeschool mom who's been building a business at the same time

It’s not easy, but it is DOABLE, and I want to support you in whatever capacity I can.

understanding of other women who are in the trenches with you

because during this time of shelter-in-place, connection is more important than ever.

feedback and insight on your struggles and ideas

to increase visibility, craft new offers if you decide to make a pivot, and create the strategy to make it all happen.

spirit of collaboration

not only will you spend our 8 weeks together working on your own business, but you’ll be helping others grow theirs too.


constant reminders that Jesus sees the big picture

He saw this global pandemic coming, and He will NOT let this hard season happen in vain.

a supportive space to be productive

and a safe space to grieve what we don’t have, rest as we need, and take care of our families above all else.

Accountability to get mission-critical tasks accomplished

because a bunch of your newest friends will be checking in on you to make sure things happen.

prayer and encouragement

especially if God is calling you to step up and shine a light into a world that’s really hurting.
The support to move your business forward, give you the momentum you crave, and set you up for increased revenue right now.
8 weeks of high-touch support for only $197. {Not per month, not per week. For the entire 8 weeks. This breaks down to less than $25/week}.
* Weekly 60 minute Zoom calls (Fridays at 10am CST) with hot seats

* Weekly 60 minute Zoom co-working sessions

* Private Facebook group (a place to share and ask questions outside of our calls)

* 8 weeks of training, mentoring and coaching from Lindsey

* Accountability (weekly goal setting and the support to get stuff done)

* Focus on brand awareness, OFFERS, visibility tactics, sensitive and effective messaging, and revenue-generating activities

* Limited! Max of 8 women

What people are saying.

Hey friend, I’m Lindsey. Wife to Matt, momma of 4, brand strategist and copywriter, entrepreneur, encourager, and host of the new The Legacy Entrepreneur podcast.

 My expertise is brand strategy and copywriting for female business owners who want to connect with their audience in a compelling, clear, and heart-centered way, so we’ll definitely come at any challenges from a strategic, brand-focused perspective and help you feel confident that the messaging for their offers is on point.

But I’m also a homeschooling, work-from-home entrepreneur who had babies before business, and then added babies while growing the business. Since 2016, I’ve been running a full-time business on part-time hours while still having my kids home about 80% of my work time. How does it work? I’m constantly taking stock to be sure the business I’m creating works for my life, not the other way around. 

I have an 8yo, 6yo, 3yo, and a 4mo. You better believe that each day is full of a whole lot of grace. 🙂

When COVID-19 hit our nation, it felt surreal– and then suddenly I felt like the world was on fire. Women were faced with a new reality and without time to prepare for the changes:

working with their kiddos home from school, suddenly being an unexpected homeschooler, facing economic landscape changes, missing their real-life connections, FIGHTING for their business but so uncertain of the steps to take to not only survive, but THRIVE in this season.

It’s hard to move forward toward growth without the right people in your corner.

This is why we are better together, why I created this mastermind. This is why we listen, share, encourage, support, give gentle criticisms, cheer each other on, and pray for each other.

Because we all want to #livealegacy, to make the most of this season, and to look back at this time and see that we spent it well.

Together is how we’re going to achieve that.

There’s a seat at the table for YOU.

Join today! Doors close Thursday April 2 (because we START on Friday!)

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