Hiring a sales page copywriter might feel like going into the unknown (a la Elsa and Frozen, anyone?) 

While the process can be riddled with uncertainty, especially if you’ve never hired in this capacity before, a competent sales page copywriter is not just an asset to your business — they can be your secret weapon for boosting conversions and revenue.

Imagine having a someone who slings words for a living in your corner. 

And not just any words — words that resonate with your ideal client, compel them into action, and increase sales. 

That’s what a sales page copywriter will do for your business, that and so much more. 

maximize conversions with a sales page copywriter

Table Of Contents:

The Role of a Sales Page Copywriter

What does a sales page copywriter do? 

Why is their skillset so valuable to a business owner? 

These expert writers create compelling sales copy, which is written communication designed to get your audience to take action. 

How Your Launch Success Can Be Improved by a Conversion Copywriter

A copywriter writing sales pages doesn’t only improve overall website conversions; they can significantly improve launch success too. 

Every successful launch leans heavily on copywriting skills.

  1. An experienced writer knows how essential it is not only to create hype around the launch but also to keep customers engaged until they’re ready to buy what you’re selling.
  2. Sales writers use storytelling techniques along with solid facts and figures about the benefits of your offer, building anticipation and trust/credibility with your potential buyers.
  3. Successful sales pages bring millions of dollars worth of conversions for online business every year. 

Investing in good quality writing is important if you want to see tangible results digital marketing campaigns, whether the KPI you’re measuring is increased traffic, higher engagement rates, or better conversion ratios.

It all boils down to an improved bottom line. *cha ching*

Why You Need a Sales Page Copywriter for Your Business

Online business… well, it’s competitive to say the least.  

To stand out, you need conversion copy that not only captures attention and creates brand loyalty but also gets your audience to take action.

This is where the expertise of a professional sales page copywriter comes into play. 

These copywriters specialize in creating high-converting content designed to turn visitors into customers and boost revenue. 

It’s the difference between nurture messaging (designed to build know-like-trust) and conversion messaging (designed to motivate action).

The Power of Personality in Sales Copy

Your personal brand plays an instrumental role in attracting potential clients. 

It’s about authenticity and consistency – traits that make your brand relatable and memorable.

A skilled copywriter will infuse your brand personality throughout your website, from headlines down to calls-to-action. 

This helps create an emotional connection with readers, which often leads towards conversion actions like buying or signing up for newsletters.

Saving Time with A Professional Copywriter

Hiring a seasoned writer who understands the formula of successful long-form sales pages allows you as a small business owners more time to focus on other crucial aspects of your businesses such as product development or customer service. 

By outsourcing this element of your marketing to a professional, your marketing will perform better while you’re increasing the value of the business through offer creation, collaborations, and being the face of the brand. 

When I work with clients, I bring my training and expertise to the project, but also every experience I’ve had working with other entrepreneurs and businesses, the real-world experience I’ve had with understanding my own audience and writing my own sales pages, and what works/what doesn’t work in so many different industries.

It’s a superpower to apply ALL of that for my client’s projects as well.

Common Pitfalls in Writing Sales Pages

In the realm of digital marketing, crafting a high-converting sales page is an art. However, many businesses stumble upon common pitfalls that prevent their sales pages from reaching peak performance.

A sales page copywriter, who understands this balance between professionalism and personality, can help your business avoid these issues.

How a Good Copywriter Can Help Avoid Common Mistakes

An expert copywriter knows what it takes to write a good headline, capturing your reader’s attention. 

He or she knows how to weave persuasive messaging throughout your content, including stories but also calling out what your audience is thinking and feeling on the inside. 

A good copywriter knows when statements are valid, and not empty claims that will lead to audience aversion.

Reader-centric language resonates with target audiences’ needs and aspirations and a pro copywriter will make that happen for your offer. 

Decoding the Mystery: Long-Form vs Short-Form Landing Pages

The craft of copywriting involves not only writing, but writing to communicate with a specific audience about a specific offer. 

A copywriter will have inside knowledge into whether a long-form sales page or a short-form sales page is best for your audience and offer. 

In one corner, we have long-form sales pages, the conversion machines known for their detailed storytelling that take a reader through a journey to a fork in the road — a decision point of whether or not they will buy. 

They are ideal for high-ticket offers where buyers require more convincing before making a buying decision. Long-form sales pages tend to bring in more revenue by painting an enticing picture of life post-purchase while addressing any objections.

In contrast to these lengthy narratives stand our short form sales pages. They are faster to create but still powerful assets in a marketing funnel. 

Their biggest strength is brevity — concise communication without overwhelming visitors with information overload.

What are Long-Form Sales Pages?

Long-form sales pages tend to build trust gradually through engaging storytelling crafted to resonate with the reader. 

They create emotional connections leading towards purchases.

They give space for testimonials and case studies, providing social proof that boosts credibility.

Long-form sales pages are a very effective form of launch copy when you’re announcing a new offer or service. 

Building Blocks of a Sales Page | Sales Page Copywriter

The Power Of Short-Form Sales Pages

If you’re targeting an audience already familiar with your brand or if you’re selling lower-priced products, then a short-form sales page might be better suited for your funnel. 

Short-form sales pages don’t require much reading time from buyers compared to long form. 

This landing page format has a special power: simplicity

Short-form sales pages communicate value propositions clearly and quickly, encouraging a shorter decision-making timeline. They are great format for lead capture forms despite being less extensive.

Hiring the Right Sales Page Copywriter for Your Business

The process of hiring a copywriter goes beyond just finding someone who can write. 

It’s about identifying an individual who aligns with your brand and business objectives.

Hiring the Write Person for the Job

Misunderstanding or underestimating powerful sales techniques during the hiring phase could be detrimental to your bottom line.

An effective sales technique involves more than persuasive language it requires understanding customer psychology, market trends, and impactful storytelling.

Inefficient work-saving habits are another potential pitfall when choosing an editor, leading to lost progress or miscommunication down the road.

Candidates demonstrating good organizational skills coupled with reliable workflow management methods should top your list.

Finding Your Brand Voice Through Their Writing Style

Your selected copywriter must quickly grasp and adapt to your unique brand voice, an essential aspect when writing high-converting copy for websites, launches, emails, etc., as it ensures consistency across all platforms, which strengthens overall branding strategy.

You’ll want to look beyond writing skills to find someone who understands customer psychology, marketing trends and can capture your brand voice. 

You’ll want a writer who can be a chameleon on paper — someone who can get into your audience’s head and pull out the 

Bro Marketing Copy Vs Authentic Marketing

In the world of copywriting, it’s essential to understand the difference between “bro marketing” sales pages and human-to-human marketing methods. 

“Bro marketing” copy is characterized by aggressive language that pushes customers into making purchases.

It often includes excessive use of capital letters, exclamation points, and high-pressure tactics intended to create a sense of urgency.

The Pitfalls Of Bro Marketing Sales Pages

While this approach may grab attention due to its loud nature, it will do more harm than good for your business if you’re looking for sustainable growth. 

The over-the-top tone can be off-putting for customers who prefer authenticity from brands they engage with rather than feeling pressured into buying.

This type of writing not only deters prospective buyers but also risks damaging your brand image in the long run, leading you further away from a successful sales page strategy.

The Advantage Of authentic human-to-human marketing

On the other hand, conversion copy crafted using psychological principles like reciprocity and social proof instead of hard-sell techniques usually perform better. 

They’re high in subtle persuasion and low on the pressure cooker methods that coerce people to make impulse purchases they later regret. 

Making A Successful Transition From Bro To feel-good Selling Techniques

If you’ve been leaning towards the obnoxious marketing style until now, it might be time to consider a change. 

A conversion copywriter can come into your business and help make the best recommendations for change regarding your messaging and sales goals. 

FAQs in Relation to Sales Page Copywriter

What does a sales page copywriter do?

A good sales page copywriter crafts compelling content designed to persuade potential customers into purchasing products or services. 

They utilize persuasive writing techniques, understand your unique consumer psychology, and write messaging designed to make your ideal human convert to the sale. 

How much do copywriters charge for a sales page?

The cost of hiring a professional copywriter varies. Typically ranges are between $2000 to $5000 per project, but can range into the five figure mark depending on complexity and length.

What if I wanted to write my own sales page?

To write an effective sales page, focus on the benefits of your product or service, use persuasive language, create engaging headlines, and include strong calls-to-action that compel readers to buy.

Most business owners forget one really important part of the sales page and I share it all on this podcast episode.

If you’re not ready to outsource copywriting yet but know you need to improve your messaging, you can learn the formula for a sales page that sells with the course, Sales Copy Shortcut

Write your own sales page using my proven copywriting process + template for sales pages that convert. 

Sales Copy Shortcut will save you oodles of time and stress as you prep that new offer to launch, and the course is just $47. 

Is it as good as hiring a conversion copywriter to write your next launch copy? No, but it’s a great option in the meantime if you’re not quite at the point of outsourcing. 


A sales page copywriter can be a game-changer for your business.

They specialize in creating high-converting content that sell — and successful sales pages bring millions into small businesses like yours every single year.

Their expertise saves you time, effort, and money, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your launch.

With their help, your brand’s personality can shines through every word of your launch copy.

Ready to work with me privately? 

Add Verity to your list of insanely talented contractors and hire me to write your next launch, sales page, or website. 

I’m currently taking applications and supporting new clients on their sales pages, launches, and website copy.

You are personally invited to start the process here so I can support you as well.

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