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I don’t know about you, but it’s always fun to me to get a little sneak peek into the lives of my favorite people and their businesses (and it’s been like a year–back when I was pregnant with my daughter–since I did one of these more personal posts! Um, what!), so here I am dishing on what’s been up for me this past couple weeks and what’s to come for summer 2017.

If you’re more into video, I did a Facebook Live on Friday (my second Live from my page!) and shared a lot of what’s up, so head there if you want to see my face. 🙂

An important lesson learned these past couple week is that when you put your head down, when you “keep your eyes on your own paper”, and when you put your nose to the grind, that’s when things happen. Many of you know that I’ve had this idea for a course percolating in my head for a long while now. Months and months, in fact. I declared it one of my big goals for 2017 but here we are nearly half way through the year and it’s just coming to fruition (more to come this week!).

A Mompreneur Story

But I’ve felt all the feelings–from feeling like a fraud and unworthy to create something that people will actually buy, to unsure of the technicalities of creating both a video and text-based course, to simply not carving out the time to create the content. That last one was probably the biggest hang-up for me: I kept myself too busy with client work and raising my family that I wasn’t confident in the material to present, and as a result, procrastinated actually creating the content. Once I got to the place of feeling good about the material, it was much easier to to GO and DO.

I led into enrollment for this first round with a content style guide workshop. Turnout was good, feedback was great, and from the sounds of it, the attendees got results for writing well in their business. That transitioned in the early cart enrollment for my signature course. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t a little bit stressful, because it was. Doing anything new or for the first time has that element of uncertainty, and a little bit of “winging it”, even though I had done my homework and had a loose plan mapped out to do my best to make it successful. Or at least not bomb. 😉

During this week of the workshop and promoting enrollment, I was wrapping up a client’s web design and launched that project. It turned out beautifully, but the day before the cart closed and the site launched, I was feeling really, really behind. So much so that when my boys went to bed that night, the to-do list was a mile long, and my daughter fell asleep on me, I might have been a little thankful that I had an excuse to crash. This action-paralysis made me feel like it was better to do nothing than to try make a little dent in the list. It was good to enjoy my baby that night, and everything with the cart and website launch still went off just fine. Lesson learned, and lesson remembered.

So be encouraged that even if you put in the work, it still may feel overwhelming and uncertain. Things will never go off without a hitch (quite a few things didn’t go perfectly for my workshop!). But if you put in the work and do your very best, I’m pretty sure things will still work out how they are meant to anyway. Not perfectly, of course, but what is perfection but something unattainable? <3 

What’s up for Verity

The fact that it is already June had me looking back at what Verity achieved this year and what is yet to come for the remainder of 2017. I’m not so organized that I have the rest of the year mapped out, but the commencement of summer encouraged me to make an intentional plan for the next three months so I can work less on the mundane and more on the things that will really make impact for Verity.

So for the rest of June and through July, I’ll be going through the first round of my course in semi-live format with the initial group, as well as working on client projects. Come August, I’ll be taking the month off from client work to instead work within my business, spend more dedicated time with my family, take a break from daily emails and social media, and enjoy our relatively short (and precious!) northern-Wisconsin summertime.

I won’t be gone completely, but I am looking forward to the break and the rest. I took a short maternity leave when my daughter was born last August, and it was lovely. Who knows what next year will hold, but I wonder if this sabbatical just might become an annual thing for me and Verity. Verity & Co. came into being so I could fulfill my creative and entrepreneurial aspirations but also to be flexible and mold to the needs of my family, so that freedom is a gift. I intend to embrace it when I can! 

September will have me ready to serve more small business owners with web design and development, and the full-fledged launch of my signature course will come sometime early autumn.

I’d love to hear what you think of this plan, if you have scheduled time off over the summer, and how you’re taking time to enjoy life instead of always being immersed in your business! Tell me in the comments. 

PS More to come on the first round of my content & copywriting course! Psst, you can still join us live for the course starting June 19, but there are a very small number of seats available. Curious? Read this. 😉 

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