She’s my friend. My cousin through marriage. My family photographer and brand photographer. And she happens to have been one of my very first web design clients back when Verity was just a baby business.

She allowed me the honor of basically experimenting with her website as I learned WordPress ropes, good design, and the needed functionality to make a website work for business. She was the best guinea pig ever.

Fast-forward to this fall. She has grown INCREDIBLY (exponentially, even. Not a lie.) as an artist and photographer, and her work very rapidly outgrew the caliber of the simple website we created for her years ago.

And since collaborations have worked well for us in the past, we figured a little photo swapping for web design & development wouldn’t hurt us again (and if you’ve seen ANY of my brand photos this year, she’s the beautiful genius behind them!).

So without further adieu, meet Jess of Naturally Captured Photography:

Naturally Captured Photography Website Redesign - Verity & Co.

Naturally Captured Photography’s home page

Naturally Captured Photography Website Redesign - Verity & Co.

A peek at the Family Love gallery

Naturally Captured Photography Website Redesign - Verity & Co.

I’d love for her to go check out her site, her brand, and her voice in person because it is amazing. And if you are in the Duluth MN / Superior WI area (or within driving distance!), look her up. Book a session. I promise that you will be completely thrilled with your images.

PS. So we chat on Facebook Messenger a lot during project times (what can we say: when you’re friends, there isn’t much for business boundaries, and I for one wouldn’t have it any. other. way!) and you had better bet that the best part of my evening was getting this note from her:

Gaaaah! I love it! Seriously, this site makes me feel like I have a legit showcase! I love that it’s still a simple, overall white, clean site, but the photos land the color and demand the attention. I can’t wait for a client to ask me a question; I’m just going to point them to my site that has all the information they need to know to land their session… and gives them a little eye candy to go with it! All the little touches on it… the size-reducing menu, the different places you’ve added italics or bold text. It lands my brand home. Thanks SO MUCH!!!!

That’s what I love to hear: a client exceedingly PROUD of their new website and excited to point their clients to it moving forward. Congrats, Jess! Thanks for always being so supportive! <3

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