What does the end of 2017 mean for you, friend?

Crazy hustle to wrap up the last of the year’s big goals? Or finally slowing down to enjoy the beauty of the holiday season?

If I’m completely honest, it’s looking like both at the Johnson place. I mean, if you were to be a tiny mouse in my house this week, you’d see a girl burning the candle at both ends {but mostly at night, because you know, the baby still isn’t sleeping and I try to sleep until she wakes up in the mornings. #thatmomlife}.

But it’s not only business; it’s working on our home and the construction project that often seems overwhelming. It’s being available to my husband to help with building and doing the very small things that I can do to move progress forward.

It’s homeschooling my kids and being attentive and responsive to their needs.

So for me, it’s a little bit of both. It really looks like two weeks of crazy and then – hopefully! – two weeks filled with much rest.

But what does this look like in real life?

It means choosing what is MOST important every. single. day.

Prioritizing what needs to get done is hard for me because, well, I’d like everything to get done. But Matt needing my time to help install ceiling boards means that the kitchen and living areas won’t get cleaned that evening. As soon as the kids get to bed, it’s go time. But you know, it doesn’t wreck our life if we wake up to a messy kitchen sometimes.

On the flip side, sometimes it is Matt taking kid duty so I can have a focused hour to communicate with clients. He’s forgoing valuable time working on the house so I can work but also spending that quality time with the kids {for which I am eternally grateful!}.

Do you feel good at prioritizing the important things?

It means giving ourselves grace in the hustle.

We can be our severest critics and kick ourselves when the lofty to-do list goes uncompleted. But the thing is: things do get done, don’t they.

Much of what is on “the list” for me is extra {come on, girl, you know you’ve got dreams sky-high and so many mini goals within your main biz goals ;)}, so those business growing tasks can be made optional if I’m spreading myself too thin.

Are you giving yourself grace in the hustle?

It means shifting what we do in a way that fits into life–not life fitting into our businesses.

What you start out doing in business might not be what you end up doing. What you’re doing right now might not be what you started out doing! Have you experienced a shift in your business where you focused on one thing but then it seems like the best thing to pivot to something a little bit different?

* My friend Lauren started with a design business but recently shifted to something that fits her passion so much better by founding Bosscation.

* My friend Danielle started with a VA business but is now moving into a mentorship space and personal branding that fully encompasses everything she has going on.

And now I may be adding my name to that list of business shifters. 🙂

Verity’s primary niche as web designer has been an amazing time, but it has also opened doors to branding and writing for small business entrepreneurs like you. These opened doors have culminated as a serious heart-check for me and how I might best serve my people {you!} and also create a business that fits into my life, instead of the other way around.

Verity & Co is pivoting to being an all-inclusive branding agency, and some of these changes in copy and messaging have already started to go live across my site, social platforms, and if you’ve seen me posting in any mutual Facebook groups.

This means a few things are changing, but believe me: the implementation of this will be soft and quiet.

It means that I’ll be shifting into being a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs who have essentially outgrown the visuals of their current business, or who are launching a brand new business from the ground up.

It means a personal place to experience personalized brand strategy, visual design, web design, and copywriting from one person who really gets the heart of what you’re doing. One cohesive strategy.

It means investing in one place that keeps everything in-house as a better way to serve your business.


I’d like to personally invite you to take advantage of the one-off services I’m still offering. Like I said, it’ll be a slow turnover to the point that I’m only offering the all-inclusive package, but if you know you JUST need copywriting, or you JUST need a website done, now is the time to get it booked while my prices are the same and before my offerings completely switch over.

Change is scary, but growth and change is more exciting than scary, especially when you know that the change means better things for your family and better service for amazing entrepreneurs who need this kind of offering. This means you. And I’m here for you the entire way.

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