What does business feel like to you right now? *Meh*? Just okay? Come on, girl, we can do so. much. BETTER.

You are already doing amazing things, but feel that your visuals don’t represent the quality of work you offer. You know exactly who you want to reach and how you want your brand to feel, but your BRAND is lack-luster.

Your attempts at DIY logo design and website development aren’t keeping up with the growth and impact your business is making (and can continue to make!).

And you’re ready to elevate your brand into something bigger, better, more dazzling, and, ultimately, more effective.

You need branding that you’re proud to share and proud to grow.


because I believe less is often more

If your brand tends toward the subtle & understated, we may be the perfect fit. 

If you need a brand-new brand or simply a refresh of your visuals, I work with creatives and small businesses like you discover visual identity based on the heart of your business. My style leans toward the minimal, the understated typography, the less is more, and together we can create an amazing brand that connects with your ideal customer or client.


let’s craft you a website that fits like your favorite pair of jeans

You’re ready for a professional, customized, and fully branded website. 

Custom web design is the creation of a beautiful & functional space online that fits your brand like a glove. We dig deep into the foundation of your brand to craft a website that equips you to attract and serve your clients and customers well.


brand voice copywriting because you have a unique message to share

Great copy is effective, compelling, and gets to the heart of your ideal audience–does your business have this pivotal element of good branding?

You have so much to say to your audience, but I know that writing for yourself can feel like the most daunting task ever. And then there’s the element of sounding cohesive, your voice matching the tone of your brand, and being able to relate in a conversational manner (who wants to sound stuffy??). Maybe you don’t even like writing. Maybe you hate writing. Or maybe you’ve come to the realization that a solid brand voice is just as important to your business as a solid logo or website. Welcome, hun. I’m so excited to support you in this.


the ULTIMATE business package, for those ready for the big league. 


This package is for the business owner who is ready for a comprehensive & seamless branding experience. We’ll take good care of you from day 1 — from brand & logo design, to website design & development, and brand voice copywriting for your business. This package combines Verity’s brand and web packages with the limited Brand Voice Copywriting add-on:

You know what your brand is about, but you’re having a tricky time getting your thoughts down on paper. Or you’re worried that your current copy doesn’t communicate the real you. Together, we get to the heart of your business to nail down your key brand words, tagline, and website copy so you feel confident that you’re speaking to the right audience with the right words.

This signature service is available on a first-come basis, so if this is something that would fit YOUR business like a glove, let’s chat and make it happen!


“A professional looking website that fits me and the style I love is helping to bring customers that fit my style too. My workflow is getting streamlined, and taking less time, which is a huge plus for me! Thank you for being so easy going and understanding.”


Mager Image Photography

Lindsey, I would refer you to anyone looking for help or in need of a website. You are very friendly, helpful, and work to accommodate your clients needs–especially as a small business! I can’t express enough how much I love how my website turned out and how great it was working with you!


Trendy Lil Stitchery

Lindsey does more than create an attractive online presence for you. You’re more than her client; she truly roots for you! This is not to overlook the fact, though, that she puts every effort into fashioning the website you envision.


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A collaborative approach, a small business cheerleader, your support in brand and web design. By partnering with me, you’re gaining more than a designer–you’re gaining a strategist, someone who will champion your brand, but more importantly, a new friend. Not sure if your projects fits into any of these parameters? Contact me to chat and for a custom quote!

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