Have you ever sat down to write copy for your business but were met with a blank Google doc staring back at you?

Have you ever struggled to get started writing a sales page for your new offer? Gah, that blinking cursor…

Have you ever stressed about what to say, wondering if your words are even going to make a difference and connect with the people you so passionately want to serve?

Why can’t you just figure it out on your own? It shouldn’t be THIS HARD.

Watch this. This is what I want for you. –>

You, my friend, are not alone.

Copy is hard, and writing copy for your brand and offers can be the most frustrating thing of the process of bringing an idea to life.

You need this next launch to be a success (even though you can’t hire the copy out at this point), but the process is overwhelming. Complicated. And you’re getting a headache just thinking about it.

You’re tired of the guesswork. You need a tried-and-true method for writing sales pages that are not only effective and connect with your people, but get them to take action and buy what you are offering.

You want your audience to realize that you truly understand, that you truly care. It’s not just another launch to you — what you have will really help them. 

This plug-and-play system is designed to help you to:

Finally understand the different pieces to a sales page

 and why we need them to create persuasive on-brand messaging for your next offer.

Be equipped to follow a proven step-by-step process

that takes all the guessing out of writing sales copy. This is the same process I use to write my clients’ sales copy.

Feel confident that your sales copy will connect and convert with your audience

because you have support through the writing process.
What’s included:
* Sales Copy Shortcut: the plug-and-play copy builder tool {a massive Google doc + walkthrough videos on how to use the system}

* Before You Begin: pre-work questions to ask yourself about your audience, your offer, and your brand 

* Sales Copy Examples and Templates: real world examples you can use as you write your own sales copy

* BONUS MASTERCLASS: How to Write Copy that Connects & Converts

What people are saying.

Hey friend, I’m Lindsey. Copywriter, messaging strategist, entrepreneur, wife to Matt, momma of 4, encourager, and I believe you HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to write an amazing sales page.

You just need a little support to get you there.

That’s why I created Sales Copy Shortcut. Because my years of experience writing brand copy, sales copy, and all the copy in between has made me realize that the process doesn’t HAVE to be intimidating or frustrating. All it takes is a solid knowledge of your offer, your audience, and how your offer will help your ideal buyer.

It’s a matter of caring, a matter of value, a matter of communicating your heart onto the page in a way that’s clear and concise so you can have the confidence that your words will convert. Your sales copy has what it takes to communicate the value of your offer in a way that puts your buyer at ease and say “yes I need that in my life.”

Are you ready for that? I hope so, and I hope you’re ready to have someone walk the walk with you the entire way. That’s what Sales Copy Shortcut + Copy Coterie are designed to do.

A digital product for training + membership for access and support = your easiest sales page EVERRR.

Before you say yes, let me answer the rest of your Qs…
How do I use the plug-and-play system? What is it exactly?
The Sales Copy Shortcut tool is a Google doc that you can use to build your own sales page. A combination of instructions, training, and space to write, it gives you my framework on how I create client sales pages, my process, and the why behind the method. 

There’s an entire module devoted to the Sales Copy Shortcut tool, different versions for ease of use, and a walkthrough video. 

How do I access the digital product?
Sales Copy Shortcut is housed on a platform called Membervault. You’ll have access to the content, trainings, tool, and videos in your member’s area within MV. The Google docs, specifically, are set to automatically create a copy and save to your Google so you can customize your copy of the tool there.

You can utilize this tool again and again — use it now for your current offer but go back into your MV account to save a fresh copy when you’re ready to launch a new offer as well. 

How long to I have access to my purchase?
For the lifetime of the product. This is Sales Copy Shortcut 1.0 and I fully intend to revise and revamp the content as feedback comes in and ideas spark to make the copy builder even better. There will likely be a 2.0 version in the future, and you’ll always receive the updates and additions to the course if you purchase now. 
Am I committed to the membership if I take advantage of the 30 days free access?
No way. Of course, the hope is that you get so much value from access to me and the others in the group that you’ll want to get in on the amazing founding member’s price of $27/mo, but there is ZERO pressure to join after your 30 days is up. 
What's the value of the membership bonus?
Honestly, I can’t put a number on that membership bonus. The unique membership experience gives you access to me for copy review and critique, to ask questions, to get feedback, for member calls, discounted strategy sessions… You can hire me to write your sales page for you ($$$) or you can try out the free access to the Copy Coterie for an incredible value. 
i have a product based business. Is this still for me?

This copy builder is designed to help you create a long form sales page, but yes ANY business — physical product, digital product, or service — can take these sales copy techniques and strategies and utilize them for what they’re selling. 

What is your refund policy?
My goal is for you to be satisfied. My goal is for you to come out of this product with KILLER SALES PAGE COPY that you are over-the-moon excited about and proud to put out into the world. If you dive into the product and within 14 days decide it’s just not the training for you, or that you learned nothing, reach out to lindsey@verityandco.com for a full refund.

Are you ready to finally write your easiest sales page yet?

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