Your project’s timeline will be dependent on constant communication between yourself and Edenhouse Media. Timelines will be quoted after initial meeting and all further meetings or deadlines will be quoted accordingly. Furthermore, all schedules submitted to the client are estimates and are subject to change with notification. If it is the fault of you, the client, that the timeline must be altered drastically due to lack of communication, delay in deadline items, etc, Edenhouse Media is at liberty to charge a late fee prior to releasing your project to you.


Edenhouse Media offers several payment plans to accommodate our clients, their
timelines and needs. These plans will be discussed with you during the initial meeting to
discuss your project and you agree to the terms of whichever payment plan you choose.


This company holds a NO REFUND policy due to the creative nature of our work and the
invaluable price of our time creating and brainstorming projects even before any tangible
evidence can be shown. No exceptions will be made.


Edenhouse Media will have copyright to all design aspects. The content within your
blog/website are yours and are copyrighted to you. If outside graphics are needed (or
wanted) for design, these must be purchased before beginning the design process and you
must obtain the legal copyright from the designer for the graphic to be used (see Outside
Graphics). After your design is complete, you must leave the design in tact. If you need
to change the overall design for any reason, you may contact us to make them for you.
This does not include addition of widget areas, etc. Due to the fact that your design is a
direct reflection of our design style and abilities, if changes are made by someone other
than Jessica, you will be required to remove the site designed by us in it’s entirety since
it will no longer be a reflection of our work.

No template, header, background, design, or graphic is to be altered, changed or resold
for any purpose.

For the purposes of marketing and copyrighting our brand and image, a link (and/or
button) will be placed in the footer of your theme linking back to Edenhouse Media
and must remain in tact through the time that the design (and theme) we created is in use.
Using another designer to create a matching graphic for a blog design or graphic from
Edenhouse Media is in violation of terms. ALL RIGHTS to the designs produced here are
our intellectual property and are not to be copied, altered or used in any way other than
specified before installation or delivery of the item purchased. Unless you have
purchased copyright through a branding package from us you do not own the rights
to the brand that we have created for you. No other designer may use the brand we have
created within any blog or website templates for you. Copyright infringement has been
committed if this happens.

All files for web design will be web-ready only. If print-ready designs are need, please
contact us, as this is an additional cost. Examples of this may be wanting to include your
header in marketing pieces, etc. If at any point you need any printed material, please
contact us first as we own the rights to your design elements and design identity. If you
have purchased a Branding Package, you own the rights to all images so it is then
permitted to use these as you would like.

For printed designs, Edenhouse Media retains all rights to the files created. You will have
the right to print these files as needed but altering them in any way is not permitted. If
files created by us are placed online by you, you must give credit to our business in some
way. Violation of this is copyright infringement and will not be permitted.


Upon making your deposit you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions as stated on this
website. Due to the creative nature of our designs, we often begin your design prior to
your start date so, deposits are non-refundable. No exceptions.
If me and/or my team sees it necessary to terminate your project from our queue and/or
waiting list due to communication or business relationship issues, a schedule will be
submitted to you to show hours logged, those hours MUST be paid regardless of project
termination reasons. Again, in this case, deposits will not be refunded as a number of
hours will already be logged into the project.


We may require access to accounts such as hosting, WordPress, Blogger, social media
sites, etc to perform the duties we are contracted to complete. This information will
NEVER be given to any other sources or used in ways that are not professional or
cohesive with our design contract. We will retain an administrative account in our clients’
WordPress accounts that will not be removed once completed, therefore allowing us to
apply patches, update site or perform any type of maintenance that we are contracted to
do; it is the responsibility of the client to remove our admin account and/or change
passwords to other accounts (see above) if you would no longer like to allow us access to
your accounts. Please be advised that if passwords are changed or admin accounts are
deactivated, we may require the new access information if other services are requested at
a later date.


Once your design has started, please be sure to check your e-mail very regularly as most
elements of design require a very quick approval to continue with the remainder of the

Our business communicates at all times via e-mail. If a phone call is necessary, that can
be scheduled at the client’s request but MUST be schedule at least one week ahead of

Although we do try and answer all e-mails within a 24 hour period, there are times when
it may take up to 48 hours to respond to all e-mails in my inbox.
Since our work depends so heavily on communication and timelines, if we feel that
communication has been delayed in an unacceptable manor, a late fee may be applied to
your final payment/account.


Edenhouse Media reserves all rights to deny design projects if we feel that the material is
profane or vulgar in any way. If we feel that the site/blog/design is not cohesive with our
image, we reserve all rights to deny the project.

Any revisions after the completion and installation of your design will be subject to our
hourly rate. During the design process, if the revision process becomes excessive you
may be subject to the hourly rate. I will inform you once this is the case.
The team does not keep original theme files for each client’s site design. It is the
responsibility of the client to back-up their site accordingly and keep all original files, as
they are sent to the client upon project completion.

We are not responsible for any widgets or plugins you add after the initial installation. If
it is part of the design package purchased, we may install widgets and plugins at your
request but any changes to these is not permitted except for location.
Designs may be removed or cancelled without warning or refund based on certain criteria
which includes, but is not limited to: Obscene, profane, racist, discriminatory, harassing,
indecent, or explicit content on any public blog or website in which the client owns or
publicly contributes to; Any unfavorable, pejorative, or slanderous remarks about Jessica
Stansberry, its supporters and/or clients on any public platform; and any other
unfavorable representation that we may incur via the client or potential client.


We are not responsible for fixing broken themes or blog elements which happened as a
result of an update or plugin installation that was not performed by us. We will be happy
to fix any issues for you in a timely fashion, at a rate of $45/hour.


We use framework which has built-in SEO and increases the likelihood that your site be
close to the top of the search engine results for your search engine terms. This process
cannot be forced and must happen organically. Although we do install SEO and optimize
your site, it could take time to get your site to the top of the search engines, unless you
pay for premium advertising with a search engine like Google, there’s no way to force
position of your site on their searches. The more regular and up-to-date your content is,
the higher the likelihood that it’ll be at the top; blogging is a great way (and one that’s
built into every business website) for you to increase your search engine results.
Edenhouse Media does not ever guarantee a certain spot in search engines by any
specific time, as this is completely out of anyone’s control; we do, however, try our best
to get your site recognized by search engines.
Any clients who signed contracts under the business name Southtown Creative or with Jessica Stansberry are still obligated as Edenhouse Media is the owner of this brand and has rebranded accordingly. 

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