Can you relate to always want to do more, to try a new thing, to put one of your dozen ideas into action? As a high-achieving woman entrepreneur, my guess is yes. I’m like you. There’s never a lack of ideas, only time to implement them. Wisdom comes in knowing what idea is the best for you – and your family – in this season.

What can strategically move your business forward? What is lined up with God’s will for your life?

Esther Littlefield | Thriving as a Multipassionate Entrepreneur

In this episode, I chat with Esther Littlefield, owner of Morningstar Media services, and the host of now two podcasts: the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast and the Christian Woman Business Podcast. We talk through knowing when it’s right to start something new in your business, but coupled with the power of prayer in knowing what is right for you.

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