Have you ever had the trajectory of your business change because of the influence, support, and encouragement of one single person? This is Natalie Gingrich for me — after working with Nat on my business, I went from “freelancer” to “business owner”, and her mentorship in my life has changed it for the better. In this episode, we go back and chat about Nat’s life before entrepreneurship, how her core values and mission have impacted her business and her family, and how the core values we each hold dear have been what has brought us together.

Natalie Gingrich has spent two decades in the operations industry. She spent much of that in corporate America as a Human Resources leader and a certified Project Manager. She left corporate and quickly began filling a gap in the small business market by teaching and mentoring 6 and 7 figure business leaders about the nuances of operations. Her gift is in simplifying complex business strategies to show CEOs how to scale through operations.

Learn more about Nat at her website, or visit her on instagram and facebook.

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