“Google, what’s a good website copywriting course?”

Oh, the art of website copywriting… some love it, others hate it. If you’re in the “hate it” camp, well…you’re in good company. Many small business owners are raising their hand alongside you.  

But you CAN learn the basics of online copywriting and the methodology behind it to reach more of the right people with the product/solution/transformation they’re searching for.

Nailing conversion copy isn’t easy (especially if you don’t consider yourself a good writer), but you’ll be surprised at the clarity you’ll get when you dive into the process.  

Write Words That Sell | A Website Copywriting Guide

Table Of Contents:

The Role of Creative Copywriting for Small Businesses

The ability to write effective website copy separates the average entrepreneur from a successful digital marketer.

Why? Because your website is one of your most valuable marketing assets.

Consider the tale of one small business owner who, despite having great products and services, struggled with converting site visitors into customers.

Sound familiar?

This person was hesitant about investing in a professional writer or even learning how to do it herself. So time passed and she took no action.

Not surprisingly, her business growth plateaued.


Her messaging wasn’t hitting her audience with the right marketing argument (a fancy way of saying persuasion), so her audience didn’t buy in to the results/outcomes/transformation she claimed her offer would deliver.

Copywriting can brushed off as a lesser-than marketing strategy, but it is critical for your business.

Words are our most effective method of communication, and for digital business depending on digital marketing, your words have to HIT HOME or your people will keep scrolling.

Effective copywriting is not just about selling — it’s a powerful tool to communicate value and drive action from your target audience.

This action takes many forms:

– making a purchase- subscribing to an email list- following on social media- interacting more actively with your brand

Ultimately, though, it all contributes towards one common goal — overall growth in the business.

Good Copy Is Cost-Effective Marketing

In today’s competitive marketplace, effective web copy offers a way to stand out among a sea of other people.

The internet has leveled the playing field for businesses in amazing ways… giving stay-at-home moms an opportunity for a side hustle, giving families a chance to make a living through digital products and educational offers, and making a way for multiple streams of income for anyone with the grit enough to stick out the process.

But every successful business has gotten to that level through excellent copy and marketing.

Good copy is cost-effective marketing:

  1. Writing compelling content yourself eliminates the need to hire an expert (there’s no one more qualified to write your copy than you).
  2. Good writing establishes trust between consumers and brands, and that asset leads to customer loyalty, repeat sales and word-of-mouth referrals — the best kind of free advertising there is.

Leveraging SEO through Quality Content Writing

Your ability to write well plays a crucial role when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), aka getting Google to recognize you and share you with searchers.

High-quality content gets rewarded by search engines like Google, full stop.

The more high-quality content, the higher you’ll rank in search results.

And that leads to increased visibility online, without the need for paid advertising.

Essential Elements of a Proven Website Copywriting Course

The cornerstone of any successful business is compelling and effective copy.

After all, without a clear message and compelling calls-to-action, what will get your people to buy?

A good website copywriting course should not only teach you how to sling words together but guide you in understanding your audience, creating messages that connect, and structuring your work for maximum impact.

A high-level course stays on top of the changing digital landscape by weaving current industry trends into its framework.

A good website copywriting course covers everything from traditional web copy to email marketing strategies, social media messaging, SEO techniques – all integral parts of content marketing strategies.

Instructor’s Role: More Than Just Teaching Online Copywriting

Remember back to your favorite teacher in school.

What made him or her stand out? Was it the way this person believed in you? Presenting information? Helped you understand? Supported you as a student and individual?

Just like back in elementary school, an instructor can make or break your learning experience in an online course.

An exceptional instructor brings industry experience to the playing field — different aspects such as brand voice development or conversion rate optimization.

An exceptional instructor has clear communication skills and knows how to present new information in a way that engages you to learn.

An outstanding instructor will provide feedback on assignments that you’re learning throughout the course content, which is actually quite rare in the online course world. Most courses are set up for you to DIY the content with no personalized feedback.

The best instructor becomes a mentor guiding you toward excellence and success.

Finding and Crafting Your Brand Voice

The ocean of small business may seem crowded, but the truth is: no two brands are alike.

You have distinct things that make your business unique and special, offering products or services in a way unlike others.

If you don’t have a unique brand voice, it is hard to set apart your business in the marketplace.

With a good website copywriting course, you’ll be led through various types of messaging discovery questions to use in your marketing.

A consistent brand voice builds trust and loyalty with your audience (they can “hear” you speak when they read your marketing).

And that ultimately improves the conversion rates in your business.

Outcomes to Expect From a Good Website Copywriting Course

You are the most qualified person to right your own copy, especially if you have been in business for less than a year, are a solopreneur, or are still testing the market for the best offers that convert.

When you clarify your message and use that those building blocks to start writing copy, you’ll get so much confidence in your marketing overall.

A fresh website is only the beginning.

Here are the top five outcomes you can expect to receive from enrolling in a good website copywriting course.

1. Enhanced Writing Skills

You’ll develop the mindset and learn the tactics to writing conversion copy, which is an absolutely invaluable skill.

Copywriting courses like Your Message Is Gold will equip you to create messaging that communicates who you are and what you do as a business.

Content that is created from the nucleus of a strong brand message will be engaging because it puts your audience first — driving connection, yes, but also improving conversion (or the percentage of people who take action and buy… more on that soon).

2. Clarity Around Your Marketing Messaging

Copy is written based on who you are as a business and what your audience is looking for.

It’s two sides of one coin.

Your audience needs what you sell, and you need them to buy what you offer.

You can’t have one without the other.

But you can’t write good copy from nothing.

You can sit down with Google Docs and expect to write a masterpiece without first having context, ideas, inspiration, and data to use as “ingredients.”

Those ingredients are things like your ideal client, what they need, how they feel, and how you as a business owner respond to those needs with your offers.

^^ that’s your messaging.

Good copywriting courses equip you as an entrepreneur to create engaging content that resonates with your target audience. The goal is to drive connection and conversion, but you can’t have that without clarifying a solid messaging foundation first.

3. Boosted Conversion Rates Through Web Copywriting That Connects

Copy that resonates with your audience, meets them where they’re at, and clearly shares how your product can help or solve a problem is always better for conversion than copy that is confusing, unclear, or ambiguous.

Copywriting courses worth their salt will teach you the strategies for increasing conversion rates through your copy.

These tactics include frameworks, formulas, and basic sales psychology to help you get inside your audience’s head and bust their objections to buying.

What’s a conversion rate?

A conversion rate is simply a percentage of people who have completed a desired action.

That action could be anything from subscribing to your email list or purchasing a product on your website.

To calculate a conversion rate, you’d divide the number of total users on your website or landing page to the number of people who took the action. An easy conversion rate to share as an example is this:

100 unique users on your page

10 people who took the designated action

Conversion rate: 10%

This increased consumer engagement leads directly towards higher sales and is an accurate measure of how successful your copy is.

image courtesy of Chartio

4. Improved SEO Efforts

An often overlooked benefit offered by top-tier creative brand voice developing classes involves mastering search engine optimization (SEO).

By learning how to incorporate relevant keywords seamlessly within your content, you enhance visibility across major search engines like Google.

This boosts organic traffic significantly – another win courtesy of good quality online training.

Mastering the Art of Copywriting: How to Evaluate Courses

If you aren’t at a point of hiring an expert copywriter, a website copywriting course is a wonderful alternative.

There are many on the market, so it comes down choosing the best one for YOU.

Do you want a self-paced course?

Do you want a course with personalized instructor feedback?

Make sure the program covers things like messaging, how to figure out what your ideal client/customer needs to hear, how to stand out in the marketplace, how to write for conversion, the different pages of a website and what you should include on each page, as well as secondary marketing topics like social media copywriting, email marketing, and even blogging.

Find a course taught by a digital marketer with rapport and experience.

You’ll want to know that they have a track record of high conversion for their private clients and success writing website copy for several industries.

Exploring Different Types of Copy

The digital landscape is a vast collection of different types of web copywriting, each having a unique and important role in marketing. Understanding the different kinds of creative copywriting gives you ability and opportunity to customize your marketing approach and hit goals.

Website Copywriting

Writing copy for your website is a valuable skill.

You’ll want to base your copy off the messaging foundation you’ve created for your brand to create words for pages like your home page, about page, services page, contact page, and products, landing pages, or special offers your audience can say yes to.

Click here to access my free About Page Copy Template if you’re ready to beef up your bio and boost the conversion of your About page.

Consider the main goal you have for your website. What’s the primary conversion you want visitors to take?

Do you want them to join your email list? Become a client? Purchase a physical or digital product? Make themselves at home and read a ton of blog content?

You’ll write your copy to push visitors toward that one main conversion goal.

Social Media Copywriting

A website copywriting course should at minimum touch on using your message to create compelling content for the socials.

Creating content that is optimized for each platform’s distinct requirements – from post length to tone – can help maximize engagement.

Each platform has preferred guidelines regarding post length and tone; mastering these subtleties can increase engagement rates while building know-like-trust factor with your audience.

Email Copywriting

Think of email marketing as a series of sales letters. Email is meant to be more detailed, personal, and written to one person (one subscriber) vs a full audience group.

With writing effective email copy, the goal is to nurture relationships and sell at strategic times, which varies business to business.

A well-crafted email should have an attention-grabbing subject line, persuasive body text, clear calls-to-action (CTAs), all while maintaining a consistent brand voice.

Sales Page Copywriting

Sales pages — website pages that are stand-alone sales experiences — are an example of direct response copywriting.

Direct response copy means you are nurturing the sale quickly on one page, rather than using a longer term customer journey experience to nurture the sale.

Sales pages talk about the problem your reader is experiencing, tease the hope and change that your reader desires, and then introduces the offer (product, service, course) that will give that desired outcome.

Sales pages are the ultimate test of your creative copy chops.

FAQs for Website Copywriting Courses

How to learn website copywriting and improve copywriting skills?

You can learn website copywriting through online courses, webinars, or workshops.

Some prefer self-study with books and resources from industry experts.

What is your #1 best practice for website copywriting?

The top practice is understanding your audience. Know them inside and out!

Know their pain points, struggles, and desires.

Know their goals and where you fit into improving their life or business.

Craft compelling content that resonates with them while staying true to your brand voice.

What are the best brand voice copywriting courses?

Our signature copywriting course, Your Message Is Gold, is one of the best DIY copy courses that also provides individual, personalized audits on your new and improved marketing messaging, your website copy, and a marketing asset like an email sequence or blog post.

You can go at your own pace yet escape the echo chamber of your own laptop for expert feedback and encouragement.

Is it worth doing a website copywriting course?

Absolutely. A quality website copywriting course clarifies your messaging, enhances writing skills, improves SEO efforts, boosts conversion rates, and equips you better for digital marketing strategies.

Understanding your own messaging and copy will make you 1000% more prepared to grow your team and manage scaling marketing efforts.

Why? Because you’ll fully understand the messaging of your own business and be confident enough to go all in on that marketing.


Your business can only go so far with lackluster messaging. For sure, there’s a time and place for testing, trying, and tweaking.

But when you have a proven offer and happy clients/customers and it’s finally time to ramp up, you need to know your messaging inside and out.

Copy = words that sell. A good website copywriting course will change the game for your business, teaching you how to craft stories that resonate with your audience and improve conversions.

Your Message Is Gold will support you the entire way.

Gold is a comprehensive, 3-phase copywriting program. It’s designed as a self-paced course with 3 opportunities for you to submit feedback to me personally for review.

You’ll go through Phase 1: Creating Your Brand Messaging Roadmap, Phase 2: Writing Conversion Website Copy, and Phase 3: Your Visibility and Marketing Blueprint and submit the work from each phase for expert audit from a copywriter who has been writing for private clients and teaching students since 2014. (it’s me, hi…   ).

Link arms with me… let’s do it together. Finally know what to say online to get people to buy your stuff.

I promise not only improved writing skills but also increased conversion rates, better SEO efforts, effective branding strategies, and much more!

You are the most qualified person to write copy for your business. Are you ready to step into that role and lead?

Click here to learn more and enroll in Your Message Is Gold.

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