Welcome to the Legacy Entrepreneur podcast, a place where women like you gather for encouragement, support, and training on building a brand that serves as a catalyst for good in this world.

Hey, I’m Lindsey Johnson, and I believe in a legacy life. This podcast seeks to connect women who desire to be in God’s will for their lives AND believe the sky’s the limit when it comes to crafting a legacy life and a legacy brand. All we need is the support, education and encouragement to make it happen.

The podcast is a place to talk about these things, to know we’re not alone. And while it may look a little different for every woman and every business, we’re here to learn and grow together, through the impact, through the mistakes and through the victories, through the pivots and shifts, through the way we show up for our audience, and through the way we build in little outlets of service as we grow our brand.

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