That’s right. Your website is more than just an online business card, more than just a listing of your services and your contact info.

While it should indeed present the necessary information that possible clients should know about your business, your website can–and should–be significantly more than all that.

Think beyond the scope of a website being one basic tool in your sales arsenal. Your website has the potential to be your very best salesperson.


Your website always lists comprehensive information. When reading through the content of your website, the customer should have no doubts as to what you offer, including services, merchandise, perhaps even prices.  Your site doesn’t forget to share important information or incentives, and it always articulates the values of your company.


While a website is indeed an investment, it doesn’t require a yearly salary. It doesn’t expect benefits or lunch breaks. Unlike a person, it doesn’t need to spend time with clients trying to convince them of the benefits of your company. The information is at the client’s fingertips. And yet, a website can often deliver even greater sales results than someone on a sales floor or on a phone call.

Informative and persuasive

The power of words is priceless, and a well-written website is able to promote your company and boost sales in a way that a single salesperson cannot, including round-the-clock marketing. Interesting and valuable content and high-quality images can not only describe what your company does and why you are the best choice in your field, but also portray the experience and knowledge of your company.

Tailored to customers’ needs

Just as a salesperson lends a listening ear to what the client prefers or needs and makes recommendations accordingly, your website should be designed to be the best representation of your company, geared toward the demographics of your customer base. It should be easy to navigate so people don’t have to hunt around the pages of your site for allusive information. It should be intuitive to use, as well as easy and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Just as you would want your physical business location to be welcoming and appealing to customers, the same is true for your space on the web. It represents your values. Your website essentially sells your company to the world. It is the way to make you stand out from above the crowd.

Having the mindset that your website is a powerful sales tool can drastically change your marketing game plan for the better, because who wouldn’t want more return for less investment? A powerful and effective website can be that game changer for your business and become your more valuable sales tool–your best salesperson.

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