Ever feel like

you never know what to say on your website pages,

never know what to write for your Instagram captions,

and never feel confident that your words will actually make a difference in your business?


And I know how paralyzing this can be.

(Seriously, you spend like 30 minutes on a social media post that should take all of 5 seconds because you’re afraid of what to say and how to write it. Because what if something thinks you’re an odd duck? Or worse—it doesn’t resonate with your audience? #amiright? Been there!)

Enter: the entrepreneur’s CONTENT STYLE GUIDE.

I KNOW you because I AM you, and I know just how much this quick style guide can help you gain CONFIDENCE.

And it’ll save you a boatload of time, so there’s that.

The key is to stop scrambling, organize your thoughts, and sketch out a roadmap for your words. 4 Days to a Stunning Content Style Guide Workshop brings you through 4 days of training and helps you create a CONTENT STYLE GUIDE to kick that insecurity to the curb.

We’ll work together to get to the nitty-gritty of your writing so you can decipher and decide what is on-brand (and off-brand) when it comes to the words you use and how you write them.

(Hint: it has everything to do with your business values and speaking to what your audience needs).

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4 Days to a Stunning Content Style Guide

This workshop creates a blueprint for your writing to follow and it will help you:

  • communicate more effectively
  • be more consistent in your brand
  • prepare to scale your business
  • be more organized and prepared—wouldn’t that be awesome!
  • and, ultimately, create better content

I’ve got an amazing workbook just WAITING for you to fill it with YOUR brand’s lifeblood.

Lifewords. Basically the same thing, right?

It’ll make a difference. Trust me on this one—sign up for the 4 day workshop to transform your business writing for the better!

Create your business’s content style guide now and continue to add and modify as your business morphs and grows, as your mission statement changes, as your ideal audience changes, as you grow and team members are added to your business, or as you pivot to an increasing market.

You can set the foundation for strong business writing right now, and it will launch you into more success as you grow.


This workshop is four days of trainings straight to your inbox plus a fillable PDF workbook for you to use to your own content style guide!

I KNOW you have what it takes to really—and I mean really—connect with your audience in a way that’ll reach their heart, bring them value, and make you sales in the process. Let’s take your voice and make an impact in your business with your writing!

I cannot say enough about working with Lindsey and Verity & Co. Lindsey is exceptional at what she does and is a pure delight to work with. She genuinely cares about her clients’ success and goes to great lengths to not only meet, but exceed their expectations. I cannot recommend her high enough!


Lynne Raatz Consulting & Coaching

Wait, have we met? Hi, I’m Lindsey Johnson

And I have years of experience as a small business web designer plus formal education in the English language and the study of words.

That unique combination has taught me the ins and outs of writing for the web in order to get to the heart of your audience, to make connections and to make sales.

As a wife and mom, I spend my days chasing our three kiddos, loving our rural Wisconsin life, and seek a life full of faith and truth and grace.

I’m so excited that you are here! Sign up for the workshop today!

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