Since Verity mainly works with small business owners and entrepreneurs from across the country (and occasionally, the world!), it tickles me pink to have the chance to work locally & in person with lovely and ambitious entrepreneurs like my friend, Sara, of WormeWoole on her website redesign.

We both live in the northwoods of Wisconsin, nestled near the south shore of Lake Superior. Duluth, MN, is our primary shopping hub. The distance between our homes is rough 8 miles or so, and in country distance, that totally makes us neighbors. We’ve gotten together for occasional mastermind meetings with another friend, and my boys love “Miss Sara” because she brings them cool hand-me-down items from her own son. 😉

She is the beauty behind the shop “for homebodies and adventurous souls.” Her craft is upcycling, making, creating, gifting, and the focus of this website redesign was to direct attention to the many things her brand stands for, her passions, her wares, and her ethos with her audience and her customers. She makes incredible upcycled wool mittens from loved sweaters, knits beanies, creates beautiful cashmere scarves, and has an lovely assortment of woolen goods to keep you warm and cozy.

Website launch: Wormewoole - Verity & Co.

WormeWoole is not an ecommerce site — yet — but has the capability of that if Sara ever wishes to sell directly on her own website rather than only via Etsy for online sales platforms, which is something I highly recommend every small shop owner do when they have the ability and resources to expand to their own sales! The cool thing is that now Sara is continuing to build the Wormewoole brand with her customers, old and new, and growing that recognition among her audience. Selling on Etsy is GREAT, but the problem lies within your customers not recognizing your shop as its own brand and entity after purchase. (Does “I got this on Etsy” sound familiar? I know I’m guilty of saying that! This recurring customer phrase doesn’t do much to build your own brand if you’re the small business owner!) This is where a website design or redesign could work wonders for your own brand!

Website Design: WormeWoole - Verity & Co.

As we approach holiday season, you should definitely check out WormeWoole for amazing Christmas gift options. I’m pretty biased, but her mittens are the most amazing things ever. 🙂 And if you’re local to Wisconsin or even the Midwest, you’ll be shopping small AND support local handmade this season, which is a goal of many and something to be proud of. Congrats, Sara!

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