Once upon a time, there was a dialogue online (well, really, it was only a few days ago) that caught my attention. I don’t even remember what Facebook group I saw it in or in what context it was being asked, but the question was: is confidence naturally a part of someone’s personality, or can it be learned?

Since it was a conversation on an online {public!} platform, of course every opinion under the sun was shared in the thread. Several people were certain that confidence was something you were only born with. But others shared that they felt confidence could be learned or gained through experience, depending on individuals and situations. I would agree with the latter. These are the people I resonate with.

I am not a naturally confident person. I’m introverted, private, quiet, and have not always been comfortable as a leader or in the limelight. If we’re being frank here, I still do not feel comfortable in such situations, but I am learning. I am growing.

I have learned confidence. To be perfectly honest, Verity has taught me confidence. Starting, building, and running my own business has taught me things that I never anticipated learning or doing, and my confidence has been nurtured and grown through it all.

Sure, confidence is definitely something that people are born with. There can be no denying the natural ability to lead, the incredible confidence levels, and the overall pluck of so many people who are in my own personal circle. I admire these people. As for me, it’s not natural, but I am slowly getting better at being confident in my own skin, my own abilities, and the fact that in this time and in this place, what I do through Verity & Co. will stretch my introverted being and nudge me toward things that do not necessarily come naturally for me.

Maybe she’s born with it, but maybe it’s… cultivated over time. {Sorry, Maybelline}.

For those of you who feel like your confidence is lacking, let me encourage you that it can be learned and grown! I’m a firm believer that confidence is not something that you have to be born with or naturally engrained into your personality. Confidence can definitely be sought after and learned.

This includes confidence in your WRITING.

Are you someone who is totally confident in the way your write for your business?

Do the words flow completely and naturally?

Is your pen just twitching with things to say with your confidence backing it up one hundred percent?

If so, I know for a fact that your business will grow and flourish because of it. But, I also know for a fact that many of you are not confident in your writing.

You feel insecure with the way you write copy for your business. You feel like you might sound silly in what you say, that the words never seem to come, that you don’t have any real plan for your copy, so what’s the point in even trying?

Going back to the little story in the beginning, what is your opinion? Do you think that confidence is something that can be learned? I do. And I believe that you can learn to be confident in the words you write. You can be confident that your writing can make a difference. You can be confident that the way you write will reach the heart of your reader and your ideal client.

With this FREE 4 day Content Style Guide Workshop, I can help. The four days of email lessons, and the corresponding workbook, will help you gain CONFIDENCE in writing for your business, create effective content that will resonate with your ideal audience, be more organized and prepared, and and be more consistent in your brand voice. 

I KNOW you have what it takes to really—and I mean really—connect with your audience in a way that’ll reach their heart, bring them value, and make you sales in the process. Let’s take your voice and make an impact in your business with your writing!

Learn more about the workshop here, or sign up by popping your name and email in the box below. <3 Join the free training! The way you write for your business will never be the same.

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