This story began when I followed a friend’s new Instagram shop, as she launched a shop selling thrifted activewear for families (shout out to Jeannie at @heartandtrail!).

Jeannie, then, shared a post from her friend, who also runs her own Instagram shop selling classic and unique pieces for women (hey,!).

This sweet gal, in turn, shared a post from a different Insta friend (then @violetthreds).

This is how Annie Young entered my life. 

Giving back: Youngs In Haiti

I bought a dress she had for sale. It’s the cutest little thing and I was so pleased with how it shipped, arrived, fit, and made me feel happy when I wore it. She made my week with such a fun find. I had no idea that we would become friends.

You see, Annie and her husband Caleb, and their two little girls, had been given a burden for the country of Haiti, to serve the most precious and vulnerable littles ones by moving there and caring for orphans with In His Hands Orphan Outreach. They are answering the call to go, do, and serve.

Annie writes on the blog:

I always thought that our deep longing to be involved in orphan care would look like my house filled to the brim with little ones from every nation. Through the Lord’s purposes door after door closed in pursuing this. A few years ago I began to wonder and pray for what our role would be. Deep in my heart, I wondered if somehow, someday I would be the one caring for children, who were waiting for their forever family and get to hand them off, instead of gather them home. Six months ago the Lord laid Haiti heavy on my heart to pray for. This secret prayer turned into praying that my husband would be open to what God had for him in Haiti, but I was totally clueless as to what this would lead to! At the same time, God had made Caleb’s burden for caring for orphans deeper and heavier…GOD was orchestrating a work, preparing our hearts to say yes in faith to what He had asked us to do!

Logo credit to Annie’s friend Katelyn Ryan

The Youngs are going to live at the orphanage, to manage the guest house, to serve in whatever capacity is needed, and to simply love on these precious children as they wait for their forever families. 

There is no real answer to why I felt compelled reached out to her on Instagram, other than God put her and her family on my heart. I first told her that I was thinking and praying through something but it only took a matter of an evening to be certain that I wanted to create a full blog for them so they have a means of sharing updates, news, and prayer requests with those following along at home, a link to the organization they’re partnering with, and a way for people to give financially to support their ministry in Haiti.

In a way, yes, this is a way for me to give back. Giving back is an important means of stewardship for me personally and as a business value for Verity & Co. I’ve been very compelled lately to use this business as a means of doing good: in encouragement, in time, in support, in monetary ways, in whatever ways I can.

But in an even bigger way, I am touched and humbled. The sacrifice of this family is amazing. They are doing an incredible thing in faith and trust, and it was a privilege to come alongside them to provide them with a blog that they can use to bless others.

But enough talk! You should to check out Youngs In Haiti right now to read first-hand what they’re doing and how God moved in their life. They leave 12 days from today!

Annie & Caleb’s new Instagram handle is @youngsinhaiti if you want to follow their adventure there.

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